My FarmVille Gumball Sheep

A week ago, Fred Wilson wrote a post titled Etsy Gift Finder. In it he described a new Etsy feature that uses your Facebook friends info to suggest gifts for your friends. He picked out what he called “a clay Farmville sheep thingy” and bought it for me. As you can see it has already made friends with Yoda but appears a little scared of my ray gun.

It arrived today with a nice order slip #41270774 (I love order slip numbers and trying to figure out the algorithm for them). It’s cool and a great example of “social shopping.”

Thanks Fred. I’ll definitely use the Etsy Gift Finder for some of my random gifts since I don’t believe in holidays, but just send people gifts whenever I feel like it. And thanks to ElvenStarClayworks for making the clay Farmville sheep thingy!

  • Anonymous

    Heh.  I also try to figure out the algorithm behind order numbers, but I never thought to mention that in public as a means of bonding with other geeks.

    • Yeah – well – it’s one of my favorite things to do.

  • DaveJ


    • Oops – misuse of the word practical. For example – well – never mind. I’ll just go delete it.

  • Quid pro quo my friend 🙂

  • Sounds like this might a neat way for an FB stalker to come across as more warm and fuzzy 🙂

  •  its now most populer in Fb and  more likable by the people.

  • A clay model of my master, you have.

    Nice to see, that is..

  • It is very interesting!)

  • Very cool… but I realllly like the barbie at the end of your shelf;)

    • Thanks! I believe that’s one of the first one’s off the production line for “Computer Engineer Barbie”. It was done in conjunction with NCWIT and reminds me every day I’m in the office of how important it is to engage more women in computer science.

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