I Can Has A VC

My friends at Cheezburger Networks have been rolling out what we have internally been calling Cheezburger 3.0. It’s called Cheezburger Sites and lets anyone create their own humor channel on the web.

In my never ending effort to poke fun at myself – and other VCs – I’ve created a site called I Can Has A VC. It’s just getting started – feel free to send me videos and photos of VCs doing stupid things, or stupid things masquerading as VCs.

And – if you has a sense of humor, go for it!

  • http://www.treklightgear.com/ Trek Light Gear

    Ha – awesome. I just setup hammock.cheezburger.com – submit all your hammock lolz!!  Thanks for the heads up Brad!

  • http://andrewhillman.com Andrew Hillman

    I guess I misunderstood. My first reaction was to remix your photo and submit the remixed photo to your cheezburger page. Oh well, your face in that pic says…http://i42.tinypic.com/dlq4d1.jpg 

    • http://www.feld.com bfeld


  • http://patrickfoley.com/about Patrick Foley

    Nice. Now I have a place to put my self-deprecating wannapreneur stories: http://wannapreneur.cheezburger.com/

  • http://www.alearningaday.com Rohan

    Ha. Nice to see you guys having fun (esp with the I’m  a vc vid!)



    • http://www.feld.com bfeld

      I can’t decide if that’s good or bad. Or if it should be the other way.
      Regardless, at lease Cheezburger has a tribute to Robot Dinosaurs.



        HURR HURR!

  • Tim Jonson

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  • Brandon Burns

    i just died laughing at this. i dunno if this page is more amazing, or the fact that i can now go make my own!

    if i start a page and it catches on and drives a lot of eyeballs for the cheezeburger network, i’d like to get a piece of the action in the form of a paypal transfer, like youtube does. in case someone from cheezeburger is listening…

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