Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals: Invisible Shoes


If you are a running enthusiast you’re going to love today’s Brad Feld’s Amazing Deal. Today’s deal takes the barefoot running phenomena to its logical conclusion. Invisible Shoes, created by two former lead designers from Nike and Reebok, are the closest you will ever get to feeling barefoot, even if you aren’t. They’re perfect for running or walking or yoga. Did I mention that you put them together yourself for the perfect fit? Awesomely loving the DIY world.

At $16 (normally up to $35) these are definitely worth a look.

  • Joseph Gregson

    Has anyone used these? They don’t look comfortable…

    • I have a pair. I wear them periodically. They are fun and I know some people who love them.

      • Chris

        Brad, I started running barefoot some weeks ago, its awesome. I feel as I could keep on running now until I am 110. Now I switch between minimalist shoes (vivobarefoot neo) and barefoot. No knee and hip pains anymore (i am 46 and have been jogging for 20 years).

  • They’re still a bit heavy for my taste.  I think if you just removed the soles and glued that cute blue string to your toes and heels they’d be the bomb.

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