The Double Long Weekend Run

A few years ago my running coach – Gary Ditsch of Endurance Base Camp – introduced me to the idea of a “double long run.” In this I do the typical weekend long run on a Saturday and then repeat it on Sunday. At first, I hated these, but they’ve grown on me and are now my favorite run.

Today I did a 16 mile run in San Francisco that followed a 14 mile run on Saturday. I did the same run (Market to Embarcadero to the Golden Gate bridge, over, and then back) but added on an extra mile on the bridge today just because I felt like it. I think this is the furthest double long I’ve done (30 miles) – I know I’ve done some in the low to mid 20’s, but I felt like I broke through to a new level today.

I also covered 45 miles this week. This is the first week I’ve done 45 miles in a decade and remarkably it was only on four days of running (I usually run five days a week, sometimes six). I had two early morning flights (to Kansas City on Tuesday, back home on Wednesday) and didn’t run either day. I also had a rest day on Friday. So, I’m closing in on 50 miles a week, which feels great.

I’m gearing up for back to back weekend marathons in October – Newport, Rhode Island on 10/16 and then St. Louis on 10/23. I was a little nervous about my ability to get these done, but my rapid recovery from the Bismarck marathon two weeks ago and the monster week I just did has me feeling good.

For all of you out there supporting my running, especially Amy, thank you!

  • I increased my weekly mileage heavily over the past few months leading up to the Melbourne marathon. I included a few back to back 20 miles in there… today I’m sporting a moon boot because of my over-training caused stress fracture – don’t make the same mistakes as me, it really sucks…

    • Good reminder. My coach pays good attention to me. For example, when I said “give me an easy run tomorrow” he said “no – rest.”

  • Nice! And I thought my 14-miler yesterday was good prep – not so much. Gonna try a lower-total, double-down of my own next weekend.

    • Dude – remember – you have to run SLOW when you are with me. 

      • I prefer to think of it as a “spirited yet nonchalant” pace.

  • Grant Carlile

    Double long runs sound like a great idea when inspired. Proud of you for going after two in consecutive weekends.
    : ) In 2008 I ran 3 marathons in 3 states in three consecutive weekends. I was inspired by Dean Karnazes’s 50 marathons 50 states 50 days
    Looking forward to staying informed on how yours go.

    • Awesome – congrats on the 2008 3 x 3 weekends! Great video.

  • Ldeakman

    My knees are talking to me after my week and back-to-backs – 40+ miles this week. Yikes.

    • Ice is your friend.

  • Very excited for you to be rolling through some pretty big milestones in the training, the 30 mile back to back weekend is a huge one.

  • Marc Summe

    Awesome stuff Brad.  Good luck in the coming weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Next time you’re in SF and looking for a run, drop me a note. There’s a group of crazies called the Ninjas that do 11.5mi on trails in the Marin headlands every Thursday morning. Many folks in the group are ultra marathoners and follow that with 30-50mi on the weekend. Would love to have you join us!

    (alan at adub dot net)

    • You guys sounds pleasantly insane! I’d be honored to join you.

  • OK, then. You’ve pushed me right through my “just too busy to exercise” excuse. 
    Thanks, Brad.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is a ton of running.

    I had my first run in five weeks (bruised foot sideline) at a sprint triathlon and it felt great.  So I’m going to do four or five miles on it tonight and see how we do.

    Keep it up!


  • Scott Wharton

    Brad: do you have a list of marathon’s you are planning to do the rest of the year to get to your 50?

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