Steve Jobs – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Last night, during dinner with the Return Path board, Fred Wilson interrupted the discussion we were having to tell us that Steve Jobs had just passed away. All of us were stunned silent for a minute as we reflected on the amazing impact that Steve has had on our lives. While I don’t have a personal relationship with Steve, he’s been a hero of mine since I was a teenager when I bought an Apple II computer with 16K of RAM in 1978 with my Bar Mitzvah money. To this day I still remember the sound the disk drive made when I typed PR#6 and how excited I was when I got a Silentype printer.

After dinner, as I reflected on what I knew about Steve and watched as my Twitter stream revealed link after link in tribute to him, I thought about the contemporary moment that meant the most to me. I recalled watching his Stanford Commencement Speech from a few years back and having chills. So – in tribute to the passing of this amazing man, I encourage you to spend 15 minutes and hear something powerful, in his own words.

Steve – while you didn’t know me, thank you for everything you’ve done that has inspired me and impacted my life.

One more thing…

  • Interesting that the very first thing that comes to mind regarding such a dynamic and high-achieving person is the sage advice to “do what you love.” That’s a terrific speech and advice worth hearing again and again.

    Requiescat in pace…

  • DaveJ

    The Crazy Ones. Also known as the 1%.

  • A very special, inspiring man.  RIP.

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  • Great ad. never fails to inspire.

  • Anonymous

    thanks and please keep creating your own magic in the tech world. your work is inspiring and both your books are a treasure of knowledge. pls just keep fighting the good fight.

  • Jim Pollock

    The death of what other CEO in the country would get the multi-column front page headlines Mr. Jobs got?  When most famous artists, writers, actors, inventors, or scientists die… it is a decade or more past their most productive phase of life.  In Mr. Jobs’ case, he was in mid-stride with another decade or more of impact to yield.  I am SURE, that there will now be unknown impacts missing from the next decade of my life.  He has been an inspiration for 28 years (exactly half) of my life.



  • Billmosby

    Disk drive sounds….
    That brought to mind programming in Aztec C on a 128k Mac with 2 floppy drives. The sound of the variable-speed drives would give you an early indication of how the compile was going, lol.

  • Jonno

    Thanks Brad for this tribute.

    The first computer that I ever really used was an Apple ][.  Our country school had just one that I could use.  I made a deal with the cleaner to “please clean this room last” so that I could use the computer after school. She’d throw me out when she wanted to go home at 5pm! 

    Interestingly enough, I hardly thought about this until I read your comments that mentioned PR#6 – and my mind went right back to that empty room – nothing but me and the Apple.  A special time thanks to Steve and Woz.

    All the best

    PS: I still have an Apple ][ at home with those famous floppy disk drives…

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