Learn to Create iPhone Games

Last week on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals we offered a huge discount on Ruby classes, and had one of our most successful offers ever. This week I asked my friends at Udemy to cook up another great deal on the course “Creating iPhone Games for Beginners”. They came up with an offer where $39 takes you through the process of building a complete iPhone game (normally $99).

Leave a comment and give me your pitch for a new iPhone game. The best idea by midnight tonight gets a free course.

  • Honey Badger vs Snake, a side-scrolling Mario-style adventure where the main character just doesn’t give a sh*t. 🙂

  • A platform game where you take a photo of the room you are in, and the game takes the photo of the room and builds a level out of it and ranks its difficulty based on the elements in the photo. You then have to get your character from the start to the finish. You could share these levels with other users to see who could make the most interesting, most difficult and most creative levels.

    Ex: If I took a picture of my desk, My character would appear on the bottom left side and my character would have to scale my speakers, leap over my laptop, jump on the enemies that are placed throughout and would have to get to the exit door by my coffee cup. This would be a fairly easy level.

  • This course is just what I need, last week I started working with my 7 year old son to storyboard a simple app, I was thinking a simple app that he could use as a fun way to send me Text messages, but this quickly turned into a game that he would like to play. We came up with “FBI Zombie Hunt”

    I think shooting Zombie’s is going to get old quick but we need to start somewhere, then we can see where this go’s. I am tiring to teach him “Fail Fast”. He seem to like the process, up to this point we have been designing/building with lego’s. Time to step it up.

    • ok plus one to this one too, i can see myself doing this with my son when he is older to 🙂

  • Girish Kadkol

    Iphone game will be really cool, And a course to learn it will be a chance not to miss.

    Having seen Colorado, and likes it very much, the game which i want to propose is.as follows:

    “Build and Code while you play ”

    Brief intro: its a app which will help people learn to code and the questions asked will help them complete the code which will then enable them to complete an app , and build games.

    Its called CodePlay.


  • Joel Garcia-Galan

    I kind of like when an entrepreneur turns an angel or VC.

    So, I think that a game that teaches people how to invest in startups would be fun one…kind of like the “Cashflow” game by Robert Kiyosaki.

    • I would buy this game if it had accurate mechanics in it

  • Peter Pascale

    Kill-a Zombie – Zombies attack in this top-down game (think flight plan). Command a set of vehicles to mow down zombies, direct humans to safe houses, throw blood bombs to get the zombies to aggregate off the trail of your humans, deploy and trigger zombie traps… How many waves can you survive? My teen started this in Alice and wants to convert to an iOS game.  

  • Henry

    Augmented reality pets/monsters that you can train during your spare time and can be used in battle against your friends or others who has the app. Almost like bringing Pokemon to real life, except it’s augmented reality. 

  • Anonymous

    rock paper scissors vs. friends

  • Eliot Peper

    Here’s my idea:


    Players have a city seen in 2D profile with blue skies above it. But the city produces air pollution from cars, factories, etc. Players use there fingers to wipe away the pollution and ‘clear the skies!’ The amount of pollution they wipe away translates into ACTUAL carbon offsets with a counter in the top left corner that shows pounds of carbon dioxide saved (their real world impact!). We use a portion of revenues to buy the offsets or partner with a carbon offset provider to give them to us for free in return for branding the offsets in the game.

    As players ‘level up’ the city grows and produces more and more pollution, all the cities are randomly generated and have cool animations to make them pop and look alive. Players can also purchase upgrades for their cities like smart grids, renewable power plants, public transit systems, policy improvements, etc. These upgrades add cool visuals to a player’s city and reduce the volume of pollution generated even as they level up and their city grows. Upgrades are paid for with digital currency and we can offer branding opportunities to companies to offer free upgrades (e.g. install free YingLi solar arrays) and monetize on ad revenue.

    Players can also invite friends to join ‘worlds.’ Worlds are groups of cities physically arranged around a circle. In game, players can ‘slide’ their screen from their city to the next city in their world. They can help clear a friends skies or purchase upgrades as gifts. They can also zoom out to see the entire world (the circle) with all members cities arranged around it. In the middle they can see the aggregate pounds of carbon saved by all the members of their world put together in real time. Players could even join multiple different worlds with their cities switch between them. When you zoom out again you could see the entire ‘Earth,’ a world that compiles every single player and shows the community’s aggregate impact (in pounds of CO2 saved) in the middle.

    You could also see a feed of curated public ‘worlds.’ For example we could sort by a variety of variables: you could see a ‘physicians world’ where we aggregate all the MD players into a world where you can see their overall impact (both absolute and per capita). Their could also be official, branded worlds, imagine seeing the live impact of ‘Techstars world’ vs. a ‘Ycombinator world,’ or Greenpeace, Nike, etc. (We could obviously charge to brand a world as well).

    We could even host challenges within or across organizations. For example, GE could host a challenge where each of their divisions forms a world (we would charge them for the branding of the world which they could pay for out of their CSR budgets). The division that’s saved the most CO2 from being emitted by the end of the month wins an extra day vacation or something.

    • Eliot – while complicated – I think this is the most creative of the suggestions that I woke up to. Email me and I’ll get you set up with a free course.

    • Girish

      Hey eliot , congrats . cool one

      • Eliot Peper

        Thanks Girish, I’m excited to make Play4Impact a reality!

  • Dan Kelley

    Penguin Pandemonium!
    Your penguins slide down an iceburg and get launched into the air flying over killer whales and sharks…. then you tap to open up their parachutes where you use the accelerometer to guide them safely to another floating iceburg(s) thats moving.
    Simple and fun… like Angry Birds.

  • I like iPhone game, but android game better))))

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