Amazing Deal on Learning Ruby

Today on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals you can purchase a $250 Ruby course from Udemy for only $49. The course, Learn Ruby Programming (In Ten Easy Steps) contains over 30 video lectures, written course materials, and additional discounts on Ruby literature.

With more and more companies making the move to Ruby on Rails, demand for Ruby developers has gone through the roof. If you are interested in giving Ruby a look, this is a great place to start.

  • I bought this and can assert that it has already filled in a few blanks for me.

    I’ve been coding Ruby for a while now, having picked it up fairly easily, but without any formal training – not even a book – yet.  I’ve used Perl since ’96, Python since ’03, and feel fairly proficient in Rails.  I also code pretty well in Java proper, PHP, Javascript, and have recently taken a deep dive into node (ok, that’s not a lang, but you get my drift).  

    Coupled w/ the other dozen or so frameworks + psuedo-langs I use, I have a *lot* of syntax rules bouncing around in my head.  I need this, and what better place to buy it than from Leisure Suit Brad’s Amazing Deals Site – Get yours before the AG shuts us down (again).

  • Anonymous

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