Want TechStars Clothing?

The official TechStars Store is up. Shirts, hats, hoodies, and stickers. And of course the books Do More Faster and Venture Deals. What – no sweatbands? Cohen – we need sweatbands. C’mon man.

Don’t forget to check out the new TechStars website while you are at it. And apply for one of the upcoming programs, including the brand new TechStars Cloud program



  • I suspect that the wristbands are not in the store due to plans to spin off the wrist band line as a stand alone business, with plans to go public in 12-24 months.   The original TechStars wristband, after years of tennis matches and laundry cycles, is the Energizer Bunny of wristbands.  It maintains elasticity better than product from Adidas, Wilson, and Prince.  I am not kidding.  If there are more of those available, I’ll purchase a box.  

    • I agree – they are remarkable wristbands!

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