Sifteo Cubes On Bloomberg – And Available Now!

If you follow our investments, you know that one of our core themes is Human Computer Interaction. The premise behind this theme is that the way humans interact with computers 20 years from now will make the way we interact with them today look silly. We’ve made a number of investments in this area with recent ones including Fitbit, Sifteo, Orbotix, Occipital, and MakerBot.

Last week Bloomberg did a nice short piece on Sifteo. I’m always intrigued on how mainstream media presents new innovations like Sifteo in a five minute segment. It’s hard to get it right – there’s a mixture of documentary, interview, usage of the product, and explanation of why it matters, all crammed into a few minutes combined with some cuts of the company, founders, and some event (in this case a launch event.)

I find the Sifteo product – and the Sifteo founders – to be amazing. They have a lot of the same characteristics of the other founders of the companies in our HCI theme – incredibly smart, creative, and inventive technologists who are obsessed with a particular thing at the boundary of the interaction between humans and computers.

We know that these are risky investments – that’s why we make them. As we’ve already seen with companies like Oblong and Fitbit it’s possible to create a company based on an entirely new way of addressing an old problem, product, or experience with a radically different approach to the use, or introduction, of technology. Having played extensively with the beta version of the Sifteo product, I’m optimistic that they are on this path.

If this intrigues you, order a set of Sifteo Cubes today (it has just started shipping.) In the mean time, enjoy the video, and our effort to help fund the entrepreneurs who are trying to change the way humans and computers interact with each other.

  • Anonymous

    Having worked in XBOX, MSN games for many years i can definitely see value in what sifteo team is doing and people buying them. Congratulations!

    I would probably keep hardware price low (150/- is a lot) and strive to make money  by selling add-on games and increasing attach rates.

  • I like the concept. Something I want to get my hands on to understand what it feels like playing with the ‘blocks’. Like one of the founders, I used to have a box of blocks. My box was made by my grandfather. I could spend hours building things, figuring out what was stable and then how to change things. While these blocks are not really stackable, the idea that the user gets to try things out makes sense to me.

    The interview did get the idea across rather well.

  • Bruce Dearling

    Where exactly is the groundbreaking innovation and breakthrough in Sifteo’s interactive position-aware block technology given the well-documented and earlier proprietary technology from Smalti (which, incidentally, also supports better untethered executions)? Does Sifteo have something meaningful up its sleeve to secure some form of monopoly, or does it believe that it can merely rely on a first-to-marrket position to become a longer-term player? 

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