I’m A VC

In the “if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at” category, I present the video I’m A VC. The formal press release, Foundry Group Premiers Documentary Film About Secret Lives of Venture Capitalists, explains things more fully.

My partner Jason Mendelson created, composed, wrote, sang, and produced the whole thing and explains the back story of I’m a VC on his blog. It’s awesome working with incredibly talented people who have a sense of humor and a willingness to make fun of themselves while letting me make fun of myself. And no – I can’t dance for shit, nor can I sing.

Entrepreneurs – you make our world go around. This is dedicated to you.

  • Anonymous


  • :)) Are you preparing a backup plan for the bubble? Nice moves 🙂

  • awfully awesome

  • @bfeld nice. it’s like Elton John meets @JTimberlake for Entrepreneurs http://youtu.be/SKArupEBE6Y #ElevatorPitch #DickInABox

  • Roland

    Just awesome! Brad & Team are rocking!

  • This is fabulous beyond belief. Thanks for being willing to poke fun at yourself – and for taking the time to learn the original choreography.

  • It’s like watching my dad dancing at a wedding to “summer of 69” … and not in a good way

  • VCs with their junk in boxes. amazing.

  • Timberlake and Andy Samberg have nothing on you guys! Nicely done – thanks for the laugh :).

  • This is hilarious! I already sent it to my VC, LOL!

  • Very cool. Plus it is dedicated to us 😉

  • Carter

    It looks like you still enjoy your work, maybe a little too much. Keep rocking. It was great.

  • Geekette

    I knew it!  Wherever there’s an ex-drummer, there’s sure to be some hot mess under the hood…

  • Ira

    Too cool! Now, when I grow up, I want to be a VC too!

  • Extreme coolness, really enjoyed this. Kudos!

  • Kim Davis Ming

    I cannot stop laughing…

  • cv

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  • cv

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  • Fucking great.

    I really like the part where you do RoundA,B,C,D,E…… and your partners respond.

    • And with that I’ve demonstrated the entirety of my musical range.

  • Inboulder

    Saw this at ignite, dick in the box was clever… however do you think it missed the target of fun and parody and came off as a little more http://amzn.to/rr6gNF ….

  • Kyle S

    Love the Primack cameo – what was he doing in boulder?

    • We asked him to come out to help and drink beer with us.

  • Haha great work guys, loved the lyrics!

    Reminds me of the Ali G show where he presents his “ideas” to a bunch of marketing people, VC’s, and even Donald Trump.  If you haven’t seen this yet it’s absolutely hilarious.  Take a break.  Be prepared to laugh.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkuOuxRD1Bc

    Thanks for all these great posts Brad, it’s really great to be able to get your perspective on so many things and get some good humor too.

    • I love that Ali G segment.

    • Pete Griffiths

      hysterical – love him

  • James Mitchell

    Absolutely brilliant

  • I am seriously worried that you guys might actually own some of those disco suits 😉 

  • great video!!  one of the many reasons Foundry Group is a great VC: they have a fantastic sense of humor

  • Hi Brad, I read this thanks to Mark Suster’s blog and must say I LOVED it. Forwarded it to many many many friends. Nice to see you guys are laughing at yourselves! Lots to learn! 🙂 

  • Brian Sewell

    I really like the song and video.  Tell Jason well done!