The Lean Startup Amazing Deal Bundle

Today on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals, we’ve got another great offering from our friends at Udemy. For $49 you can get The Lean Startup, The Lean Startup Ignite, and The Lean Startup SXSW by Eric Reis.

These three courses contain over 9 hours of content and 60 talks from people like Eric Ries, Dave McClure, Steve Blank, Hiten Shah and many more. That’s a lot of knowledge for 67% off.

In addition to the courses, you get a hardcover copy of Eric Ries’ awesome new book The Lean Startup. Eric – congrats on converting all of that digital content to ink on dead trees!

  • Anonymous

    Beats the shit out of the crappy chocolate bars.  Haha.  Sorry. I must go get the GAS meter out of the pawn shop.

  • Now THAT’S what I call a deal too good to pass. Forget the gizmos, go straight to the soul stuff. Eric rocks.

  • Can you download this if you are in the UK?

  • very interesting post! thanks a lot for sharing!

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