The Best iPhone Photo App – 360 Panorama – Is Free. For Now.

For a limited time, Occipital’s Panorama 360 is free. If you don’t know why this is such an awesome app, watch the short video demonstration below.

We closed our investment in Occipital last week and I wrote about it in the post titled The World Is Just A Bunch Of Pixels. The Occipital gang is going to create a bunch of amazing stuff and now’s your chance to get on board with a one minute iPhone download. And, if you are reading this after the free offer expires, it’s still worth getting for the couple of bucks they are charging.

  • danreich

    Available for android?

    • bfeld

      iOS only at this time. Android in the works.

  • F. Andy Seidl

    Thanks for the tip, Brad!  Agree… very cool app.

  • Russell Lundstrom

    Cool, thanks Brad.

  • Take_it_easy123

    how do you make money?

  • dissertation proposal

    thanks alot fort he psot! i liked it!

  • Ben Milstead

    Love this app! I can see lots of potential for mobile gaming. Any idea on the timeframe for their platform launch, mentioned on their blog? I sent them an email last week asking for details, haven’t yet heard back from them.

    • bfeld

      Lots of interesting stuff rolling out over the next twelve months.

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