Kindlegraph My Books

I’ve always loved getting books signed by the author. As an author of two books, it makes me smile a huge smile when someone asks me to sign a copy of my book for them.

With Kindlegraph, I can finally sign my Kindle books. I met the founder, Evan Jacobs, at Glue a few months ago. He had just started putting books up on it and I immediately told him that I was game to put Do More Faster up. I tweeted about it and signed a few.

Now that Venture Deals is out I’ve got them both up on Kindlegraph. If you have a Kindle version of either book, or you are buying one, and want me to sign it, just go to my Kindlegraph author page and request for me to sign the book.

And if you haven’t bought the Kindle versions of Do More Faster or Venture Deals, what are you waiting for?

  • Ulf

    Great idea, have one of the books on Kindle for iPad, but now unable to locate an email address for my Kindle on iPad, Google entries tell me there is no email for Kindle app users unless they own Kindle device.  Can anyone help?

    • Anonymous

      Hi! I’m the creator of Kindlegraph.

      Yes, only Kindle devices have email addresses. However, you can simply enter *any* email address during the Kindlegraph request process and you’ll receive it as a PDF attachment via email.

  • Ricardo Diz

    Damn it. And i just bought the iBooks version… Love signed books though…

  • Ulf

    Than you, Evan. I’ll let others know.–Wouldn’t it be great if all different tech inventions could communicate and people could still make money without roadblocks being designed and used.

  • Nice idea, and I’ve just sent a request for you to sign Venture Deals for me.  I thought this post was going to be about deriving intelligence from the Kindle about my reading habbits – number of reading sessions, length of session, how long to read a book on average, number of books being read simultaneously, which Kindle apps I use the most etc. – now that would be cool

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  • Anonymous

    Nice site .But you gotta ditch the tool bar stuff !  

  • Anonymous

    and the pop ups. Great choice with Disqus though.

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