Help Your Shoulder Feel Better

Today on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals, we are featuring the Urban Sherpa Strap from Go Gaga. Sherpa Straps distribute the weight from laptop bags, gym bags, and briefcases that take straps, across your back and shoulders. I’ve been using the Sherpa Strap for a while – it’s dynamite.

With today’s deal, you can get the strap and free shipping for $19, a discount of 50%.

If you have a bag that you love, but are tired of having it cut into your shoulder as you are traveling from DEN to LGA, check out Sherpa Straps. For each purchase, Go Gaga will make a donation to The Mountain Fund, helping some real sherpas.

Also, check out today’s deal deal on your iPhone or Android. Deal Co-op recently launched the Feld Store web app, a full touch site for mobile buyers. Once you store a credit card in your account, you can check out my deals each week on mobile, and buy future deals with one click.

  • interesting! thanks a  lot for shaing!

  • Bluto

    Hi Brad,

    I very much appreciate your new Finance Friday’s series (a very nice compliment to Fred Wilson’s MBA Mondays).

    A debate my classmates were having was if a Stripper were to write-off her boob job, would she use straight line depreciation or ACRS (accelerated dep.)? Or is it based on the state were she works/lives?

    We at Faber College appreciate your feedback.

  • Jacob

    I need one.
    Paul Azous

  • 2.el esya
  • I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work.

  • After years of slinging a backpack over one shoulder, and having the resultant neck and back pain, I finally succumbed and now wear my backpack with both straps.  As it is designed.  Massively unfashionable on the streets of Manhattan, but way past caring.

  • The River Temoc

    How do you claim the discount? I don’t see anything about it on

    • Sorry – the ofer has expired.

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