Bre Pettis’ Survival Guide to a Hospital NICU

Congrats and good karma to my friend Bre Pettis on being able to take his new child – Nika – home from the NICU.

Over the last few months as we were working together to close the MakerBot financing, Bre and his partner Kio Stark had Nika prematurely, which resulted in a bonus six week stay in the NICU. I talked to Bre a number of times during this period, often when he was camped out at the NICU, and he was remarkably calm and engaged during this period.

He’s written a very detailed, thoughtful, and intense post about how to survive the NICU. While I don’t have any kids, nor do Amy and I plan to, I expect all of my obsessive behavior would come out with a vengeance if I ever ended up in a similar situation to Bre’s. My guess is that his rules apply to the hospital stay of any loved one and are well worth reading.

Bre – thanks for taking the time to write up your survival guide. I’m glad everyone is home, safe, and healthy.

  • While it wasn’t the NICU, Jen + I did spend time at Children’s for my oldest son’s surgery a few years back.

    The most important point that Bre makes is an absolutely critical one – pay attention, take notes, don’t assume anyone knows everything that is occurring or has occurred in your child’s provision of care.  Be your child’s advocate.

    Children’s (Denver) made this pretty easy for us.  In each room, there’s a small whiteboard, usually used for nurse’s transition notes.  I took this over & noted everything.  It was 100% reliable + quickly staff were asking *me* for details that they didn’t possess.

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