Sparrow Mail For 50% Off For The Next 24 Hours

At Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals, we only bring you shiny happy deals. If you are a Mac user and like to live in a mail client instead of a browser, Sparrow Mail is for you. I paid $10 when it came out but through the magic of daily deals am making it available for $5 for the next 24 hours (up to 1000 copies).

Jason Calacanis even loves it – on G+ he says:

“I’m absolutely in love with Sparrow Mail. It’s made me 10-35% faster in GMAIL/Google Apps.”

For the next 24 hours, you can get Sparrow Mail for $5 instead of $10. Just wander over to Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals and grab it. And be able to say “I got something for $5 that Brad paid $10 for that he then made available for $5 bwahahahahaha.”

  • Bob Lee

    I’m on the fence when it comes to Sparrow.  I like the social integration and the speedy search; however, I’ve really grown fond of Priority Inbox and not having the equivalent in Sparrow is a bummer.

  • Ronen Mendezitsky

    How come I can’t register if I live outside the US? 

    • bfeld

      I don’t know, but my guess is the offer is only for people in the US.

      • Ronen Mendezitsky

        That’s a shame. When will people understand that growth comes from outside the U.S. As well, if not more so.

  • crowd SPRING

    Sparrow is a minimalist mail application designed to keep things simple and efficient. No fancy stuff here… just your email and nothing else. ..WOW…For the next 24 hours, we can get Sparrow Mail for $5 instead of $10….great news!

  • thiet ke logo

    This is very good. I appreciate the current price. It is possible to use

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