The Magic of Onswipe on an iPad

If you have an iPad, go look at Feld Thoughts in the browser on it right now. I’ll wait. If you don’t have an iPad, it looks like the following.

Onswipe of Feld Thoughts

My friends at Onswipe did that. In one minute. All it took was one line of Javascript. Onswipe was in the TechStars NY program and did an awesome job. Not surprisingly they’ve put together an awesome investor group including Spark Capital and Betaworks.

As someone who loves magic services that dramatically improve my content, Onswipe is the king of the iPad so far. The key for me is that it be trivial to set up and work flawlessly. In this category, Onswipe has nailed it. And it’s beautiful – way better than trying to read my blog in Safari on an iPad.

They’ve launched with a bunch of publishers. If you are a VC that looks at PEHub, go take a look on an iPad. Or check out Slate on your iPad. And there are a lot more coming.

If you are a publisher and you want your site to be beautiful on the iPad in one minute, go sign up for the Onswipe beta now.

  • Onswipe is going to kill it.  I hope they do a Tumblr integration soon (hint @JasonLBaptiste).  If you like this type of technology on the iPad, you should also check out Nomad Editions, esp. the U+ME mag (Chris Kaye is the editor):

    • Thanks Greg, your support has always meant a lot!  Tumblr support is already there :).  

      ps- we need to sync that meetup.  Last week was a blur 😮

      • Let no man or woman say the Onswipe team aren’t on the grind 24/7, pummelling the app world as we know it. Haha. Let’s make that sync happen already mang …

  • Brad, thanks for the awesome post and support along the way.  We originally built Onswipe for people like you: personal publishers that want their content to look great on the tablet web without any work.  

  • Yaverb

    Looks pretty but it’s buggy, slow, and hard to use.  Dave Winer’s post is spot on:

    • Yaverb

      HN picked it up and agrees:

      • Yeah – Dave found a bug in my site config which I didn’t think to test – fixing it now. It should be easy to go to the native (non-Onswipe) site from the Onswipe page. Also, the direct links on a Mac should be fine – I don’t know what that was about – couldn’t figure out what he was saying.

        The HN vitriolic was about par for the course. Whenever I want to go see the state of the art in haters, I just head over there.

  • I can’t agree more.  I have been running the Onswipe beta for a few months now and I just love how easy it is to setup and more importantly, how beautiful it makes my blog look.

    My favorite app on my iPad is Flipboard, hands down.  Onswipe makes my blog feel like Flipboard, win-win.

  • Anonymous

    Great product and definitely needed.

    I love the team (Mark Bao is a straight-up killer!) but $6m in funding for a product that’s essentially a really good use of a CSS @media declaration?

    EDIT: Oh! It’s an ad network: I guess I “get” the money-train now, but WOW does hackernews really hate the interface. Hm.

    • Haters gonna hate but that was a little weird.

  • Dave Winer need to cut Onswipe some slack here – they are in beta like in finishing/tuning the product not beta like in marketing maneuver/everybody else calls it beta.

    The top problem online if info glut – we need new interfaces that do a better job of structuring info than old, tired desktop ideas. Onswipe should be commended, not sniped at. 

  • Love what Onswipe are trying to do but had a terrible experiencing using it on your blog this weekend.

    I wanted to access a post in your archive and it was just impossible. To the point where even when I chose ‘desktop mode’ onswipe kept hijacking the CSS and taking me back to the homepage.

    Tell me, can you access your archives or use your search on your iPad?

    • The CSS hijacking issue is a problem on my end with my WP config. We are working on fixing it now. You should be able to easily get to the non-Onswiped version of the site. My bad.

      • not your bad at all dude.
        your blog saved my ass more than once.
        a minor tech discomfort is a small price to pay.

  • Bettina Bennett

    Tried it out with the publications mentioned on the site – but could not find any info about how to use it /sign up for it as a publisher etc. All the links go to empty pages 🙁

  • Really like the interface – clean functional stuff, this is solid design work and good performance for a beta. Doesn’t like to show my iPad comments, though, only reactions, which if frustrating (if I switch to the normal blog and tap comments, it takes me back to Onswipe where I can only see reactions yet again).

  • Looks pretty but it’s buggy, slow, and hard to use.  Dave Winer’s post is spot on:
    Thanks for post…

    CRM tools

  • Anonymous

    is it still working? i tried on iPad and iPad2 . When i surf your page, looks same like on my desktop? also strange the demos on all dont work. is there a glitch? 

    • Sounds like it’s not working properly for you. Can you email me ( a screen shot and I’ll try to troubleshoot with the Onswipe

      • Fyi…Not working for me either — what I see is same as I see on a desktop/laptop

        • My guess is that you might have disabled it on another site. They are now
          keeping track when you disable and going directly to the site instead. If
          you don’t think that’s the case and want to help me troubleshoot, please
          email me

  • John Vlahos

    This is awesome.

  • Wazeefa1 Kuwait

    Looks pretty but it’s buggy..get more in

  • I have plenty of problems with OnSwipe, and try and disable it wherever I run into it. Issues include complete inflexibility (which results in every blog looking the same), problems with scrolling and navigation, etc. I was horrified when forced it down people’s throats without any option for a global opt-out, ruining the reading experience for many people. I really wish that people wouldn’t turn us into guinea-pigs like this 🙁

    • Hey Atul- thanks for your feedback, i’m sorry you have been frustrated by the WordPress plugin.  the WordPress plugin is an early version of our technology.  Brad’s blog, and our other partners such as ( and ( are a great look at what our full platform can do.

      I’d be happy to discuss your thoughts via email as well.  Feel free to contact me directly at: