Technology Magic Is Accelerating

I’m in my car on the way to Aspen for the weekend (Amy is driving – I’m in the passenger seat.). The top is down. It’s absolutely beautiful on I-70 as we travel at a high rate of speed. And I’m sitting here blogging on my iPad.

There is no way to describe this as anything other than magic. I’m in an extremely creative zone of my life and trying to spend as much time as I can working on stuff I really care about. I love the entrepreneurs I work with, my partners are extraordinary, the team that supports us is dynamite, and because of magic technology I have an enormous amount of time and space freedom.

I’m as busy as I’ve ever been, but I’m finding that I can be even more effective now that I’m detached from physically having to be places in order to interact and communicate. Sure – I still have lots of face to face activities and interactions, but I’m starting (finally) to be more focused with it, especially on things and with people I really want to be with.

As I sit here writing this, I realize that I couldn’t have worked this way a decade ago. When I think of what the next decade is going to be like, I get chills of excitement.

I love magic technology. Thank you to all the awesome people out there helping create it!

  • Even just a few years ago we couldn’t work like that, much less 10! You’re absolutely right, the next decade is going to be absolutely mind-blowing when it comes to new technology!

  • Patanjali’s yoga sutras, third chapter, all the powers of the developed mind, tech is out picturing

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome!
    Here’s your next rounds of funding (pre-named!)

  • Agree 100%
    We are living in a dream time. The ability that we have today are pure magic. I hope we will be smart enough to push the bottom 2B people in the world to a better place where they could feel more and more this magic first handed. Bill gates is doing a lot in that path, I do hope more will join him.

  • Rich

    I think night golf has you trippin’.

    If there’s so much magic in the world why is there still slavery and hunger and sadness and… ?

  • It feels like such an epiphany when you finally realize what things and who is important to you! I think that is the driving force behind having true focus. You couldn’t have said it better Brad. I am starting to get there and shut out the noise as well.

    Cheers to the next great decade 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I had a similar experience on Loveland Pass, but don’t forget to look up occasionally. Convertible, $45 grand; iPad $800 bucks; looking up at Glenwood Canyon on a pristine Colorado day, priceless.

  • Accselerators is one of the main parts so you shoold keep up eye on that little thing whith could bring you a gorgeous problems

  • Now this is a wonderful thought to start this weekend, and next week, and next month… and the rest of our days 😉  This is the greatest moment to be alive (best to believe because we don’t get to choose).

  • nice moment Brad, that’s got to feel awesome.  I had one this morning also on a smaller scale with the new wells fargo ATMs. The ability to pop in, throw a bunch of checks into the slot and have it all just work (scanning, OCR, orientation, processing, etc), get the receipt emailed to me and be out the door in 60 seconds was great. I walked out quite pleased that even in a industry where innovation typically comes in the form of stuffed animals and low-interest rates they’ve applied modern tech to make our lives easier. 

  • I always look back at future tech projections.  How we were supposed to have personal rocket packs by now. I want my rocket pack! But I do finally feel that we are close to living in the future (constant connectivity and mobile is spurring some awesome innovation.)

  • Derek Neighbors

    Incremental improvement. We have been innovation stagnant for nearly a century. Hoping that we are on the cusp of real advancement soon. Your iPad might be amazing to you but over 40 years ago we put a man on the moon. Yet the most amazing thing you experience today is cellular data to a mobile computer? Your expecatations are far to low and memory too short.

    • “Incremental improvement”, “Innovation stagnant for nearly a century.”
      Wow – we are living in a parallel universe.

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