Learn to Build iPhone or Python Web Apps

Today on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals I’m bringing you another offer from the online academy Udemy.com. A few months ago, Udemy was responsible for one of my most popular deals to date, a suite of deals relating to startups. Today they are offering your choice of two courses for $75 (normally $250). Pick either Learn to Develop an iPhone or iPad application in 4 weeks or Learn Python the Hard Way. Both courses include multiple videos, lectures, and code examples.

If you were one of the 100+ people that bought the last Udemy deal, I’d love to hear your feedback on the course.

  • Steve

    Awesome!  Isn’t this the same Python class that was at a higher price on Appsumo last week?  Uh oh, so does Brad Feld have better negotiation skills or is his deal site liberal with its margins?

  • Andrew

    How do these courses compare to the podcasts for iPhone programming that schools such as Stanford offers for free?

  • Mike Briggs

    Xcode 4 ($99) looks like a hard requirement for
    Learn to Develop an iPhone or iPad application in 4 weeks.
    It would have been nice to know this before plunking down the $75.

    • Hi Mike – See TechJot’s comment above. X Code 4 should only be $4.99 in the app store,

  • Anonymous

    is there a coupon code to use for the discount. not sure how to get the $75 price

    • Hey Rob – Just purchase the deal at http://deals.feld.com/ and then you’ll get a coupon code which you can enter at Udemy.com get one of the courses for free. Full instructions will come over via email once you purchase the deal.

      dinesh (@udemy)

  • It shows $250 on the website, how do we get this for $75? Is there a coupon or something that we have to use?

    @3cd6ad107720e53f7fb317c35360492b:disqus Xcode 4 is $4.99 at App Store and I don’t know if you are talking about the Apple Dev License for $99.

    • Hi TechJot – See my comment below to Rob.

  • I guess I’ve figured it out…you have to use the link http://deals.feld.com/ to get that price.

    • Exactly right,

      dinesh (@udemy)

  • Hey Brad, Bought it just for fun. Don’t code, but plan to give it a go this Summer. Saw it on AppSumo for $89 recently, so I guess I owe you $14 worth of beer. Fancy French beer? Ping me next time you visit!

    • I’ll be in Paris in July – email me then!

  • Anonymous

    I am currently going through the Learn Python the Hard Way course, I purchased it before it was ever available on this site.  It is a very well rounded course, and he even has reviews built into the course so that you have to go back and make sure you understand alot of the more complex stuff.  I paid $125 for it when StartupDigest offered it and it was well worth it. 

    I bought the iOS course as well but I havent started it yet so I cant comment other than to say that the price is excellent!