Camera Geeks

Every now and then my mom sends me a pile of old photos of me and my brother Daniel. Here’s one.

Young Brad and Dan

Notice all of the cameras. I’ve got two (I’m the shaggy haired guy on the right) and Daniel has one (he’s the short shaggy haired guy on the left.) I have no idea how old I was but I’m going to guess around 11 based on my white knee socks and light blue short shorts. I’m 99% sure the cameras are a Contax (the smaller brown one) and a Pentax. Oh – and check out that cool camera strap.

My mom is a great photographer and when we were kids we hung out in the dark room a lot. I remember how cool I thought the red light was, how bizarre the chemicals smelled, and how our washing machine and dryer made perfect tables for the printing process. Developer, stop bath, and fixer – remember that?

I stopped taking pictures when I went to college, but I can’t remember why. Maybe in the next phase of life I’ll rediscover this, possibly with a Lytro camera. I can only imagine how cool it would be to combine that with Occipital.

  • Brad, definitely give Pentax another look if you get back into shooting.  They kind of fell off the map for a while, but they’ve put out some very nice DSLRs lately.  At their price point, I think the value is hard to beat.

  • Amazing that we now have one or two generations of kids that have no concept of photographic film.  It is truly funny to see the puzzled look on kids faces when they grab a parent’s film camera to look at the LCD display on the back……missing, huh?  Brad, I used a Pentax Spotmatic upgrading in the late 1970’s to a Canon AE-1!  The hall bathroom of our home was my darkroom thru high school, but the great hobby turned into late night work when I had to hit weekly press deadlines for the school newspaper.  Just seemed to lose the cycle of gratification and I haven’t gone back.

  • Jadl

    Looks like the Lytro is a camera that delivers images with three fixed focal points built into the camera. Near, mid & far; it also does not have any f-stops or an adjustable aperture.

    Fairly similiar to taking three photos; one focused near, one mid and one far; and then allowing an user to toggle between the three.

    Brad probably stopped taking photos when he got his first computer. Age 12?

    • Good guess. Age 13. And yes on the first computer. And girls.

  • Brad, you should check out the Fujifilm X100. I’ve been rocking it for a few months and beyond taking incredible pictures, it has a nostalgic charm all it’s own. More metal than plastic and a dial for everything, along with this killer hybrid viewfinder. There’s film simulation for the JPEGs it produces, if you like that sort of thing.

    Finally, it has 360 Pano-like features to take gyro-based panos.

  • Anonymous

    Lytro + Occipital would be astounding! Add in a direct upload component and live events could be zoomed and cropped by editors before posting with real editorial options! Cool! Then it’s all about capturing the initial vantage point and moment in time. Wow!

  • Brad, send us the old treasures (if you have yet to convert them).  We’ll get them digitally preserved and back to you in no time.  Use coupon code Brad.  Ed at

    • Excellent – on it!