The Best Tech Conference Of The Year Happens In Boulder Next Week

The Glue Conference is next week – 5/25 and 5/26 – in Boulder.  When Eric Norlin and my partner Seth Levine first cooked up the idea for glue, they built it around our Glue theme – namely integrating (or “glueing”) together web applications.

We’ve invested heavily in the area with great success, but have only just begun. Our activity around Glue + AdTech generated our Adhesive theme. We’ve been thinking a lot lately about “ecommerce glue” and expect to learn some things at Gluecon on this front.

To get a feel for Gluecon, take a look at the Agenda. The concentration of companies and executives around this topic is awesome. The format is short keynotes surrounded by lots of networking, a hackathon, and a few short, interactive panels. Having been to and participated in many of Eric’s conferences, they are an extremely high concentration of relevant people talking real tech and product – no marketing garbage allowed. Eric has worked hard this year to bring Gluecon to a new level and set a new bar for all tech conferences – I believe he’s got it wired.

If you want to spent two days with 500 of your best friends talking about technology that integrates web services, APIs, web meta-data, and the rapidly evolving new data economy, there is still time to register for Glue. I’ll be there along with my partners, a few other VCs like Mark Suster, and a whole bunch of key tech entrepreneurs hanging out and talking with you.

  •  I wish I lived closer to Boulder. dianabol

  •  Hi Brad

    I hope we’ll finally get to meet!

    • Looking forward to it.

  • I wish these conferences weren’t so expensive.. makes it hard for bootstrapped startup to make it.

    • They’ve had several different opportunities / promotions / scholarships for
      early stage companies that dramatically lower the price (including to free).
      If you send me an email ([email protected]), I’ll see if there is anything else

  • I’ve missed Defrag and Glue the last couple of sessions due to conflicts. I can honestly say that you get more insight in two days from these conferences than you do from a calendar full of conferences the rest of the year. (disclaimer: I have no relationship or incentive with the conference organizers)

    • Lou – thanks! Hope to see you again soon.

      • Absolutely, I will see you at Glue next week!

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