Foundry Group Jobs Page

Many of our Foundry Group portfolio companies are growing rapidly. As a result, we just put up a new page on the Foundry Group website listing all of the jobs in Foundry Group portfolio companies that we are aware of. We also have a new Foundry Group Jobs twitter feed to follow – it’ll tweet out a link whenever a new job is posted.

This page is built on top of Indeed, in our opinion the best job search engine. We are not investors in Indeed, but our friends at Union Square Ventures are. They led the way on this one, working with Indeed and hacking together some code to make a dynamic jobs page. We looked at several options but kept coming back to the USV Jobs page.

Kelly Collins and Ross Carlson in our office did all the work. They had help from Gary Chou at USV who generously provided all the code he’d written along with advice, as well as Matt Molinari from Indeed who helped Kelly and Ross figure out all the nuances of the integration.

So – if you are looking for a job in a high growth software / Internet company, take a look at the new Foundry Group Jobs page and follow the new Foundry Group Jobs twitter feed.

  • You are doing great work, if Foundry Group merged with Union Square Ventures, you might just be the most impressive portfolio in history. Glad you switched to Disqus for commenting.

    • Thanks! I think we enjoy inhabiting our parallel universes, working together
      on some stuff, sharing ideas, and being very good friends.

    • just like companies merging is often bad, VC firms merging would be worse. i like Brad’s description of being in parallel universes. a lot more entrepreneurs get funding and advice with two firms than one

  • Brad, awesome stuff. We’ve got these postings up on CollegeJobConnect and have already sent some great undergraduates from Colorado and Northeast schools to these companies. (Gnip has been especially popular so far!)

  • Great stuff! Most VCs I know use VentureLoop and, having used it regularly, I know it has several faults. I am also a regular Indeed user and it is, by far, the best job search engine out there. Hopefully VCs in Europe will move to Indeed as well.

  • That page works nicely.  Indeed should have some sorta Widget or WP plugin that can automatically feed those listings into any site.

  • Very cool.  Love it when VCs provide meaningful support to their portfolio companies and, beyond funding, what better way to support them than to help them build their teams!  Who knows, maybe the latter is even more important in the end.

    (I know, I know, there are other very important ways, but I will own my bias.)

  • James Mitchell

    A prominent VC said, “We’re basically highly paid executive search consultants.” Helping a portfolio company fight just the right person for a key position can be incredibly helpful. Given that, I wonder why prominent VC bloggers like Brad or Fred Wilson do not devote even more space on their blog to this. If I were them, I will have a specific slot (on the right or left) listing 5 to 10 openings. The kind of people reading their blogs are in many cases the kind of people their portfolio companies hire.

    I would also add this as a scorecard for a VC — how many key positions did you help fill?

  • I am so glad you have mentioned these new ways to see what jobs are being offered. I’m also glad you mentioned Indeed. I was going there a lot about a year ago, but haven’t been in a while. It’s a great site.

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