Flying Software Engineers To Boulder For Startup Week

Boulder is full of software engineers, but we need more. A lot more. So, several local companies pitched in some bucks and the organizers of Boulder Startup Week are buying plane tickets for five people to come out between May 18th and May 22nd. If you don’t know about Boulder Startup Week, take a look at the killer agenda.

If you are a software engineer, send ryanwanger at gmail a note containing the following:

1. An answer to why you are interested in coming out to Boulder.

2. A resume or examples of your work.

3. Your phone number.

The deadline for applying is 12pm MST on May 9th. Please don’t apply unless you are available to fly out to Boulder May 18th – 22nd (with a little +/- flexibility). Also, you have to be in the US already as the organizers can’t afford to fly you from outside the US. And, they’ll help you find a place to stay as long as you aren’t allergic to couches.

  • It’s amazing what you guys are doing at Boulder. Its like , slowly but surely, a new alternative to the bay area is emerging. Bravo Brad !

  • Dave

    Too bad you don’t consider placing a company a bit farther to the south. Denver Metro is 3 plus million people, and last I heard there were a couple of good software engineers there. Guess you like people creating carbon emissions driving over the hill.

  • Thank you for sharing Brad! Really excited by our agenda and the chance to meet some new entrepreneurs interested in Boulder.

  • Interesting post. Thanks for it.

  • This is open to entrepreneurs also…but we will be giving a bit more weight to engineers. 🙂

  • We’re offering free couches, free bikes to ride around town and free coffee throughout week.

    Yes, we’re all heart.

  • Geekette

    Brad, you say the offer is only for engineers, but the Boulder Startup website says it’s if “you an engineer or entrepreneur”.

    So, which is it?

    • Entrepreneurs also.

      • Geekette

        Thanks. Between your reply and Ryan’s response above (which I missed on my first reading), I think you should both own it and just restate the offer only for engineers here & on the official site. It’s clear where your preferences lie, so I think it’s unfair to have non-engineering builders waste their time to apply.

        • Actually, I’d be delighted for entrepreneurs to come as well. I just didn’t
          focus on it when I wrote my post.

          It’s also not my offer to make – I’m a fan / supporter of Startup Week but
          not the organizer.

  • Brilliant.

  • Anonymous

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