Incredible Week In New York

I’m back home in Boulder about to head out for a long run in the mountains. As I was catching up on email from last week (not quite done yet) I was reflecting on the awesome week I had in New York. I had a couple of board meetings, spent a bunch of time at TechStars, gave some talks, had a pair of really fun late night dinners, had two strong runs (including one amazing one) along the east river, and stayed up until 1am drinking scotch with my partner Seth one night who was also in New York for a few days this week.

On Thursday night I gave a talk at NYU Startup Week. I followed Nate Westheimer, who runs the incredibly vibrant NY Tech Meetup. Nate led off by asserting that NY was the best place in the world to start a company and hypothesized that in the past year I had probably spent more time in NY than in the bay area. Since I track where I sleep every night (and have since 1/1/09), I was able to quickly answer this question going back 29 months.

And the winner is – New York – by seven days.

Nights in town

In the endless “where is the best place to start a company” argument, I think many of the ones on this list (Boulder, New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle) are amazing places to create a company. They all have different strengths and weaknesses but reinforce my belief that many cities in the US can build long term durable entrepreneurial communities.

  • Anonymous

    Brad – I’d love to hear your strengths and weaknesses of the different places. Next post?

    • Eh – I’m not sure I want to dissect each location but I might.

  • Out of curiosity, what app did that list come from?
    (nevermind, came from

  • Adrian

    I’m wondering why Austin isn’t on that short list. I don’t have a strong opinion about it, just curious. It’s often listed with the likes of Boulder. I’m guessing it’s because Austin has a strong tech scene (IBM, Dell, etc), and some medium to large startups (gowalla, other inbox, demand media, homeaway), but fewer small startups, and a less cohesive startup community?

    • It’s not on the short list because I haven’t spent much time in Austin since
      1/1/09. In fact, I’ve spent only two days there – – and that was for SXSW. That said, we
      recently made an investment in an Austin-based company (Spanning Cloud – so I’ll probably be there again soon.

  • It was great to have you.

    • Ditto! Thanks for the nice blog post – come visit!

      • I’d absolutely love to drop by Boulder. One day.

  • James A

    what software do you track your sleep nights with? I just got a Zeo and loving it and am always interested in self-data techniques

    • I use a Zeo when I’m home and use Fitbit ( every night –
      including when I’m home, or on the road.

  • When you throw in other things into the “where is the best place to start a company” argument, it becomes a little more interesting. Like in my case, I am a Canadian resident and live in Vancouver (as close as I can get to the US , for now!) . My debate is whether to be in Toronto or Vancouver – wondering whether Vancouver’s proximity to SFO might give better odds than Toronto’s proximity to Boston/NYC !