Founder Labs in New York This Summer

While I was on vacation Founder Labs announced their New York program this summer. I’m a big fan of Shaherose Charania and Baat Enosh and agreed to help support the program along with Fred and Joanne Wilson and a number of other folks that support entrepreneurship in New York.

Founder Labs fits in the “pre-accelerator” category – it’s aimed at people that want to experiment with entrepreneurship. It doesn’t require a full time commitment, but it is a very intense program for five weeks. This year’s program is focused primarily on entrepreneurs interested in mobile applications. While Shaherose and Baat are still tinkering with the formula, they are off to a great start and I’m glad to see them trying it out in New York in addition to San Francisco so they can get some perspective on the dynamics in different geographies.

Applications are now open for the New York program until 4/20. While there is a modest cost for the program, scholarships are available so don’t let that slow you down.

  • Would you ever consider participating in a remote version of a pre-accelerator like this? Know of any that have been successful? I’m not lucky enough to live in New York or Boulder (though I do love my fair Grand Rapids), so I fear I’ll never get to participate in one of these.

    Maybe it could even be a week in Boulder and then 5 weeks remotely or something. Heck, I’ll even help put it together.

    • I’m going to participate in this one remotely as I won’t be in NY over the
      summer much. I consistently help remotely – usually via a focused mentoring
      effort with one company on a weekly basis via Skype.

      • I’m sorry, Brad, but I asked my question really poorly, so I’ll try again … let’s say I (or preferably someone who knows more than I do) wanted to launch a pre-accelerator and wanted to pull from a large-ish geography and from a group of people that weren’t ready to quit their day jobs. I’m wondering if it would work to have an intense week with all the participants and organizers onsite FOLLOWED BY 5 weeks or so where everyone – startups and mentors – participated remotely from where they live (and perhaps wrapping up with another onsite, perhaps corresponding with a pitch day). Have you ever seen that “mostly remote” model work for a pre-accelerator? Do you think it could work, or do you think the nature of accelerators is that a critical mass of participants and mentors have to be in the same geography for the length of the program?