Every Nerd Needs A Bow Tie

I spent a full day at MIT last month rolling around in a bunch of really cool tech. One of the meetings led to today’s Brad Feld Amazing Deal for OoOTies.

Brad and Blue Bow Tie

I had just sat through three meetings with MIT-related entrepreneurs – two who showed me new human instrumentation products and one who walked me through a new way to develop Android apps. The guy for my next meeting showed up, sat down, and started talking about bow ties. He was an MIT grad student who had become fascinated with bow ties and subsequently created a company called OoOTies along with an iPhone app. We had a fun conversation and then it was time for my next meeting.

At lunch time, I was with a group of MIT grad students who were working on a summer program for MIT students who want to be entrepreneurs. We were enjoying our fish chowder at Legal Seafoods when my new bow tie friend showed up with a bunch of bow ties in tow. Five minutes later everyone at the table had learned how to tie a bow tie and was sporting a new one.

One of the great things about my world is that I never know what to expect, so I just roll with whatever happens during the day. I’m off to TechStars New York Demo Day – looking forward to seeing what mysteries the world reveals to me. In the mean time, be bold and go buy a bow tie.

  • Anonymous

    I now, for the first time in my life, want a bow tie.

    • Ah – the joys of creating firsts for my friends. You are $16 away from

  • That’s funny + awesome at the same time.

    and the bowties he’s selling at http://www.oootie.com/ look really, really nice.

  • Christopher McAtominey

    Highly important man-skill to be able to tie a bow-tie. Tip: it’s the same knot as tying your shoelaces, if you can’t do it on your neck then do it on your leg and transfer.

    Plus having a self-tie means that at the end of your black-tie dinner you can undoe it and let it hang a la George Clooney in just about everything.

  • Lucky thing you were wearing a shirt with a collar 😉

  • I just ordered one. Very cool idea, and I can tell you first-hand world-class customer service as well (and I haven’t even received my bow tie yet!).

  • Love it! You’re rocking the look. 🙂 I made a bowtie from scratch as an anniversary present for my nerd boyfriend. I should’ve posted the whole how-to process, but here’s the finished product: http://bit.ly/gd60Sg

  • Interesting idea to make one look good by buying a new bow tie.Well one thing was funny in the meeting and that was everyone sitting at the meeting knew how to tie a bow tie..cool 😉

  • My high school had a dress code and a tie was required. Being facetious, I started wearing a bow tie in the late 80s when Senator Paul Simon was the only one wearing one and Al Franken mocked him for it on Saturday Night Live. Glad that they are not just for weddings anymore.