Another Day, Another Need In Boulder For iOS and Android Devs

Orbotix, one of our investments (and a TechStars Boulder 2010 company) is looking for an iOS and an Android developer.

If you don’t know Orbotix, they make Sphero, the robotic ball you control with your smartphone. And if you you wonder why you should care, take a look at Sphero on his chariot being driven by Paul Berberian (Orbotix CEO) while running Facetime.

I got the following note from Adam Wilson, the co-founder of Orbotix – if you fit this description email [email protected]

We are looking for two new full time positions to fill as soon as possible.  We need talented iOS and Android Developers that are not afraid of a little hard work and a little hardware!  You must have an imagination. No previous robotics experience necessary but it doesn’t hurt.  We want someone that can help make an API, low level protocols, implement games and work on other research and development tasks for Sphero.  We expect some level of gaming history and previous experience in the field. There are online Leaderboards and some side tasks include coding up demonstration apps for our numerous interviews, conventions and for fun!  We pay well, have plenty of food and beverage stocked including beer, redbull and the famous hot-pockets, are in downtown Boulder and literally play with robots all day/night long.  Read our full jobs posting at for more info.  Take a chance…. email me at [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Curse my metal body, I should have learned to code instead of industrial design! #theygettoworkwithIan&Adam!

  • this is getting absurd. of course they will need a BB version and windows phone 7 as well. and webOS too. this is worse than when i was doing mobile several years ago – then it was j2me, palm, and windows mobile.

    we all need to be pushing the mobile web; then this mess will go away once and for all.

  • Brad, I added these guys to the “Boulder is Hiring” ( page for Boulder Startup Week (May 18th – 22nd). I’ve been having a hard time getting people to reach out to me with their jobs – almost everything on there came from my own searching.

    Seems like just about everyone in town is hiring! If you or anyone who sees this knows anyone I missed, please let me know.

  • Rich

    “…beer, redbull and the famous hot-pockets…”

    More evidence that programming is a young person’s world. I programmed years ago (actually the last time I wrote production code was just 3 years ago) and am now old. The beer, redbull and hot-pockets comment made me nauseous. Not that there is anything wrong with those products. But, thinking about drinking beer during a long coding session. Then a redbull to wake up. Then a hot-pocket to stay alive. Makes me want to vomit.

    • Sorry you feel that way. A number of Orbotix’s engineers are older
      than 40 so I think – in their case – your vomit is hitting the wrong

      • Rich

        It’s not Orbotix, it’s me. There is no way I could drink beer or redbull and eat hot-pockets during a long coding session (actually I don’t write code anymore). Years ago I could eat hot wings and drink beer for breakfast, no problem. But, now… no way.

        • Yeah – good point. At age 45 that stuff freaks me out.

  • great new changes in iOS

  • Anonymous

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