The Fitbit API

I love Fitbit. The product is great, the team is great, and I’m psyched to be an investor. I’ve been a user for a while – my data is public – but I just recently started using the food tracker which is superb. The only thing that was missing for me was an API.

Fitbit released the Fitbit API quietly a month or so ago. I’ve encouraged them to make more noise as some great applications are coming out. I use two of them – Earndit and the Fitbit Low Battery Notifier by Joshua Stein. There are a bunch more coming but I thought I’d encourage any of you out there who care about human instrumentation to take a look and consider integrating with Fitbit.

And, if you want the best fitness and sleep tracking product in the universe, go take a look at the Fitbit.

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    I was just wishing for a low-battery-notifier app for the fitbit last week when I heard about the API, so awesome that someone has already created one!

  • I like the fitbit but want more robust data from it. I really want a heart rate monitor and better monitoring on my Iphone.

    • Both coming this year!

  • For those of us who are pretty sure we have sleep apnea, but don’t want the official diagnosis (pre-existing condition, and all), if fitbit could figure out a simple way to prevent me from rolling over on my back after falling asleep on my side, it would be worth its weight in gold.

  • When it comes to the best fitness and sleep tracking product in the universe, you know I will have to politely disagree on this one.

  • The other Erik and I spent fourteen days last month on a 1,000-1,200 calorie diet. I lost just under a pound a day for the first seven days, paused for a day or two, then lost another five pounds the remaining five days. I’m a pretty serious cook so I designed a set of 300-450 calorie snacks and meals then prepared 28 portions in advance and sealed each portion in a FoodSaver.

    I’ve regained almost two pounds going back to a normal diet and I’ll be looking at Fitbit at some point later this year when I’m down to my target weight of 170. (Started at 206). Being short and a former muscle guy, keeping aware of daily weight differences is very important – such as being able to attribute healthy eating to effective weight loss is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Good luck to everyone working to stay healthy and reduce the unhealthy burden we put on our bodies.

  • I bought one of these and it stopped functioning due to moisture within 4 days. It took a little while but they sent me a replacement which experienced the same failure within a few weeks. I really liked using the product, but I gave up after the second failure and just assumed that it couldn’t handle sports like basketball and squash. I wish it could!

    • It should be able to. I run with mine and I sweat more than anyone I know.
      Email me ([email protected]) and I’ll connect you up with the company to get a
      replacement. They also analyze the ones that come back so if another one
      breaks it’s super useful to them to look at it and understand why.

  • I think this is great product.. Thanks for release this..
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  • I gave my Fitbit to a Ph.d friend who is now doing his neurosurgery residency as he’d lost a ton of weight and was pretty sure he was waking/running at least 5-6 miles a day. Turns out he’s doing over 12! The data is cool and he loves the thing!

    • Awesome! Sounds like you need another one.

  • I love my Fitbit! I just added Earnit and will try it out for a few weeks. I love the Earndit concept but their UI and UX is really weak and that might be a show stopper for me!

  • When will (or will) the FitBit be able to track biking/cycling activity?

  • Not only is it a great product but, if you have a health savings account, you can make a claim for reimbursement. With all the time we spend in the car, i think we need a fatbit that tells us just how fit we could be, if we just would have walked.