That Was The Best Tuna I’ve Ever Had

I had a really fun night in Montreal at the opening dinner for the C100 Conference that I’m speaking at tomorrow. The dinner was put on by Accelerate MTL and included some friends as well as a bunch of new people I met tonight.

Dinner was really well done. I sat next to Howard Lindzon who teased and entertained me all night long. Dinner was a pre-set menu so I ordered the non-meat choices and didn’t think twice about it.

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 19. I eat fish, so I guess I’m a fishetarian or pescatarian or whatever you want to call me, but no beef, chicken, or pork. Once a year I end up accidentally eating some meat (usually on nachos, soup, or something Italian) and I always realize it around 3 am.

The first course was yellowfin sashmi, which was excellent. The second course was some kind of red tuna like thing which I dug into without a second thought. It was easily the best tuna I’ve ever had. Snarf – and gone. I then made fun of my tablemates who were eating a beet salad (which also looked really good.)

Brad: “You guys made the wrong choice – this tuna tartare was awesome.”

Howard: “That’s not tuna, that’s steak.”

Brad: “Howard – you know I’m a vegetarian – quit giving me shit.”

Howard: “No seriously, look at the menu, you just ate a plate full of stake tartare.”

I looked. In fact, they’d served me “Tartare de boeuf epice, truffe, parmesan, citron.” Yes – it was the best tuna I’ve ever had because it was in fact steak tartare. And it was awesome.

Much mockery of me ensued. It’s not quite 3 am, but my stomach is doing the once a year “you just ate meat” rumble.

  • oh man… no fun. good luck the rest of the night!

  • John

    Hilarious story. Lots of travel will do that to you. Good luck with it!

  • Oh, that’s funny.

  • Dave Sandrowitz

    Maybe an emergency bottle of Ipecac might be a good travel tool…?

  • Top this story: I was once at a resto w/ friends + ordered ahi tartare.

    I sent it back because “…it wasn’t cooked”.

  • DaveJ

    That’s an awesome story. You’ve actually always loved beef – on the way in. Remember Grill 23? (still there:

    • Yup – I remember it well. Maybe it’s time to eat steaks again.

  • Scott Dalferes

    I’ve been reading you on Feld Thoughts since the beginning and never knew you only ate fish. Perhaps I missed that post? I had my yearly physical yesterday and was told that I have to stop eating red meat. Post was perfect for me.

  • If we weren’t supposed to eat it, it wouldn’t be called meat. 🙂

  • Montreal is an awesome city. Ironically, one of the best meals I ever ate was a salmon and fava bean dish in Montreal. Which restaurant, you ask? Oh, the memory fails me…

  • Jen Mcewen

    Yikes! I’m in a foreign country, and definitely hoping I don’t accidentally eat a meat I’m against eating… and liking it.

  • Was vegetarian for 3 years, Fruitarian for 1 year, and now I am mostly on meat. Depends on what reasons you are a vegetarian for, if its just for health reasons, its not too healthy. If you just can’t stand the killing then I’ll leave you alone. Do you eat vegetarian meals?, like the vegetarian meat things or just eat fresh vegetables?.

    • It’s random. I eat a wide variety of stuff.

      • In Malaysia, we have vegetarian restaurants that mainly serves ‘vegetarian meat’, which in my opinion is worst off because it has more preservatives, salt, sugar and artificial tasting to it. To me, if you wanna be a vegetarian, EAT VEGETABLES!!.

        Will be in touch.

  • Vesko Petkov


    Your talk was damn interesting. You didn’t seem too bothered by the meat. 😉

    • By the time I gave the talk I felt fine. But it was a rough morning.

  • I enjoyed your low key humble conversation at AccelerateMTL. Great to have you here.

    Montreal’s a hedonistic city that is a must when traveling across North America. There’s always a good meal and an amusing evening waiting, particularity during the summer festival period ( Blues Festival at Mont Tremblant is world class).

    • You can just tell how much fun Montreal is. I’ll definitely be back.

      • If you’re a music fan, there’s one magical weekend where the Montreal Jazz Festival and Mont Tremblant Blues Festival intersect beginning of July.

        Next time time you’re in email me ( just added on LinkedIn) and I’ll tell you a few hidden gems to eat at.