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A bunch of our portfolio companies are hiring. Just today, I got emails about new job pages at Cheezburger (Seattle and NY), SendGrid (Boulder and LA), and (Bay Area). But the growth is everywhere – Zynga (throughout the US), AdMeld (NY, London, Berlin), Fitbit (Bay Area), Gnip (Boulder), Oblong (LA), Trada (Boulder), and – well – most of our other portfolio companies.

I know I’ve got to come up with a better way to aggregate jobs across our portfolio, but if you are on the job hunt, take a look. And if you are looking for something in Boulder, don’t forget that I manage a CEO list that I’ll happily email your resume to.

  • Sara Conrad


  • Jeff Iacono

    Boom. We are on board to help get students aware of these awesome opportunities!

  • Ben Philabaum

    Thanks Brad! I’m graduating in May so I’ve been hunting around for opportunities. It looks like Gnip has some great entry level openings.

  • Andrew Weber

    You may have seen this already, but I think Union Square Ventures has done a really nice job on this front. See here and here!/usvjobs

    I’m interested in joining a startup so these resources are extremely valuable.

    • bfeld

      Yup – agree!

  • Angie M.

    FirstRound also has a unified job board ( — we used it at Demdex to post our job openings. Amazingly, it can be rather hard to find start-up folk in NYC so a portfolio company job board makes a lot of sense.