Book: The Thank You Economy

Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book The Thank You Economy came out today. Gary sent me an uncorrected manuscript a few weeks ago and I read it the night I got it. It’s dynamite and I highly recommend it for anyone who is doing anything in business today.

I’m a huge Gary V fan. I can’t remember where I met him, but it was at a small dinner about five years ago at some event where I also met Tim Ferris for the first time. When I look back on the evolution of the gang in the room (I think Sacca was there and I’m now digging for some of the other attendees, but Gary fed me so much wine that my memory is now hazy) it’s pretty cool to see what everyone has accomplished.

My first real dose of Gary was Wine Library TV. I’m not a wine guy (there are a lot less brands of single malt scotch so I’ll stay with that) but I was fascinated with Gary’s reach and what he was creating. Crush It! was his first book and was full of energy, inspiration, and insight. The Thank You Economy takes it to another level.

What I love about Gary is his intense passion for what he does, his endless examples that are right on the money, his irreverence for the status quo, his complete dedication to his ideas, and his obsession with mastering anything he gets involved in. Books like The Thank You Economy are easy to read – they are full of great examples knitted together with Gary’s thoughts and ideas, written in a very accessible way. While reading the book, you feel like you are a having a long conversation with Gary, which of course, you sort of are.

Gary – congrats on crushing it again. Thank you for writing the The Thank You Economy!

Update: Brian Williams of Viget reminded me that he organized the dinner I referred to above. It was in 2007 at a Web 2.0 related conference in DC. Here’s the note from Brian reminding me of this – thanks Brian for dislodging this memory (and for organizing that great dinner).

“Was the dinner you mention the one we had in Virginia around the Web 2.0 conference I helped organize back in 2007 (no longer running)?  As far as I remember, in addition to you & me we had Gary and AJ, Tim Ferris, James Surowiecki, Ryan Carson, Frank Gruber, Om Malik, Rohit Bhargava (Ogilvy), and JD Kathuria (co-organizer).  Not a bad dinner!  I don’t think Sacca was there, but there was a lot of wine …

I remember suggesting to the guys organizing the conference with me that we invite Gary to speak because I loved his approach to WLTV and figured he’d change the world — they thought I was crazy. ;-)”

  • Glad to hear it. Just opened my copy from Amazon today.

    You’re spot on with the “mastering anything he gets involved in”. Definitely an inspiration!

  • Far too few people say thank you. Gratitude unexpressed ain’t nothing but plain, old-fashioned ingratitude.

    • Agreed and in a world where Word of mouth is the equity and currency and infrastructure, people need to understand its value

  • Gary is an awesome and purposed filled no BS guy. I have no words to repay him for writing crush it since it transformed my ideas about what is possible via blogs. soon after I finished reading it I started the process of starting my vlog and I am having the time of my life doing this. Bernardo

  • I’m waiting for mine in the mail! Can’t wait as I enjoyed Crush it!

  • Great concept for a book, and it helps to know that an expert authored it.

  • Just added this to my Amazon Cart and speaking of Thank You, If you grew up in the 1990’s and were getting on the internet, you probably could stand to donate a few bucks to Peter Tattam, who enabled you to access the internet via TCP/IP from Windows.

    Read more here:

    • I vaguely remember Trumpet Winsock but I never used it. But it’s a good call
      to action!

  • I’ve ordered mine from my local b&m (and struggling) science-fiction bookseller. Pick it up on Friday, will have it read by Sunday. I enjoyed Gary’s video on the “Thank You Economy” that circulated around twitter a few weeks ago.

    • Cool – I think you’ll really enjoy it. It’s a fast, but powerful read.

  • Looks like a great book. Thank you for the recommendation Brad.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Gary V fan and will definitely order the book. I gave a presentation on earning customer loyalty by saying “Thank You” at the Internet Summit back in November. Here’s a link to the slides for anyone who is interested:

  • Look forward to reading The Thank You Economy. Crush It! was great for many of the reasons you describe – entrepreneurial, motivating, succinct, and packed with great advice.

  • Within an hour of reading this post yesterday, a family member had emailed me out of the blue saying she saw Gary on a morning show promoting the book and thought I would love the book. This family member doesn’t push books to me often so kudos to the compelling appearance he made!

  • Highly recommended. I got 1/3 of the way through it last night after finishing Poke the Box by Seth Godin. Gary and Seth are both doing great things and I’m having fun following along!

  • From the what its worth file : The word Thank shares it roots with the word Thought and early uses of the words were interchangeable.