Apply for the GlueCon Demo Pod

GlueCon is coming up soon and is going to be awesome. Alcatel-Lucent is underwriting a demo pavilion this year that will house fifteen demo pods.

If you are a startup and interested in participating, make sure you apply to get a GlueCon Demo Pod. The pod companies will be chosen on merit, the pod space will be free (that includes electricity, signage, hard wired internet drop — basically, everything – just show up with your computer), and will be chosen by the following judges:

  • Eric Norlin (GlueCon Organizer)
  • Chris Shipley (Guidewire Group)
  • Mathew Ingram (of MESH and GigaOm)
  • John Musser (Programmable Web)
  • Laura Merling (Alcatel-Lucent)
  • Alex Williams (ReadWriteWeb)
  • Jeff Lawson (Twilio)
  • Jeff Hammond (Forrester)
  • Ian Glazer (Gartner)
  • Ben Kepes (
  • Krish Subramanian (CloudAve)
  • Vinod Kurpad (Best Buy)
  • Seth Levine (Foundry Group)

The deadline for applying is March 24 (5pm EST) and the selections will be made by April 1.

If you aren’t applying for the Demo Pod but want to come to GlueCon, the “super early bird price” expires on Friday 3/18. The discount code feld12 takes 10% off the super early bird price (discounted to $472 – this is the lowest price that GlueCon tickets will be available for.)

I’ll be at GlueCon along with my Foundry Group partners so if what you are doing is around our Glue theme, I’d love to meet you.

  • I applied on behalf of ReportGrid, because it’s a match made in heaven for a company that provides API-driven, on-demand analytics and reporting.

    However, I imagine the vast majority of applications will not be accepted due to space limitations and/or poor fit. It would be nice if rejected applicants got some sort of discount. As it is, they won’t even find out if they are rejected until well after the early bird discount expires. Meaning, if they want to come anyway (for networking or the talks), they’ll have to pay much higher prices than if they didn’t apply for Demo Pod.

    • hey john- fear not. ALL demo pod applicants that don’t get in will receive a code to still get the early bird discount. 😉

  • Anonymous

    yes ,i think so too!