Fitbit Director of Marketing Opportunity

My friends at Fitbit are hiring a director of marketing. If you, or someone you know, wants a director of marketing job in a fast growing, well funded company in San Francisco, go take a look at the job spec and apply.

There is a ton of hiring going on in our portfolio right now at all levels. We have a bunch of companies that are growing head count 100%+ in 2011 – much of it driven by revenue growth (vs. just a new financing). It’s pretty exciting and I’ll try to figure out a more effective way to broadcast what is going on and what the opportunities are.

In the mean time, I’ve heard of a number of jobs that have come from the Boulder CEO Jobs list that David Cohen and I are maintaining. including several exec jobs like the new CFO at Envysion, This is a reverse jobs list for all the random inbound job seekers that reach out to us for stuff in the Boulder area. If you are a CEO of a Boulder based company and you are not on this list, just email me to be added to it.

  • Dave Michels

    I suggest a Foundry or Bunker career site.

    • bfeld

      I’ve been through this many times and tried lots of different things
      (we have a jobs list up on I still get a
      ridiculous amount of inbound resumes.

  • DC Hats

    I’ve heard of a number of jobs that have come from the Boulder CEO

  • Gia Sư E-Clever

    I’m testing. Sorry