Distribution – A New Foundry Group Theme

We’ve put up a post on the Foundry Group site about a new theme of ours we are calling Distribution. We’ve been investing in this theme for a while but have continued to formulate exactly how we think about it.

I’ve talked about our thematic approach to investing many times in the past.  Every now and then it feels like it’s worth a quick post on our current themes. They are:

Human Computer Interaction: The way humans interact with computers 20 years from now will make the way we interact with them today look silly. Sample companies include Oblong, Organic Motion, and Fitbit.

Glue: Computers love to talk to one another. The amount of “computer to computer interaction” is increasing at a dramatic rate. There’s a software layer that “glues” this together. Sample companies including Gnip and Standing Cloud.

Digital Life: We believe that people own their digital assets and should be able to access them anytime from anywhere. Sample companies include Cloud Engines and Memeo.

Protocol: Many protocols – both formal and informal ones – support extensive software ecosystems. We’ve been investing in protocols like SMTP, RSS, XML, and SMS for years and expect to continue doing this. Sample companies include SendGrid and Urban Airship.

Distribution: Giant existing online markets can be completely disrupted by new distribution methods like Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, and User-Generated Content. Sample companies include ZyngaTopspinStockTwits, and Cheezburger.

We’ve got one additional theme that we’ll be talking about shortly. We’ve decided to split our Glue theme into two different themes as we’ve realized a particular pattern in our investment dynamics around this theme. Look for another post on this shortly.

  • Anonymous

    homingCloud.com is taking distribution of real estate market information away from brokers/MLSs and classifieds, disrupting their pricing and making a social site the hub for distribution of this real estate market information.

    • Neat! That’s a totally logical vertical, although like Jobs, it’s not
      one that any of the four of us get excited about.

  • Rick G

    Brad: With all that you are involved with how do you manage all of it? It seems that everyday something new and exciting presents itself. I tend to get overwhelmed on a daily basis!

    • I just work hard and focus on things I know a lot about!

  • Exciting stuff. Like movies have trailers, I wish startups had 10 second video demos.