Upstate New York Do More Faster Book Tour

Last summer, my long time friend Martin Babinec and his colleague Nasir Ali asked me if I’d come spend a few days in Upstate New York talking about TechStars and entrepreneurial communities. I first met Martin around 1990 at one of the very first Birthing of Giants events and we were both early YEO members together. At the time, Martin had recently started a company called Trinet which today is a large and successful PEO. We’ve been friends for 20 years so it was easy for me to say yes to spend two days with Martin in Upstate New York and help him further his mission of expanding the entrepreneurial communities throughout the region.

Martin’s organization, Upstate Venture Connect, is hosting me on February 2nd and 3rd in Ithaca, Rochester, and Syracuse. The full agenda is on the website and the public events include:

2/2/11: 4:30p – 5:30p: Sage Hall Room B9, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

2/2/11: 6:00p – 8:30p: UVANY Capital Forum, Ithaca Country Club, 189 Pleasant Grove Road, Ithaca

2/3/11: 11:30a – 1:30p: Somewhere in Rochester (TBD, hopefully by 2/3/11!)

2/3/11: 3:00p – 4:30p: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester

If you are interested in getting together, go check out the agenda which lists who to contact and how to register for the various events. If you bring a copy of Do More Faster, I’ll happily sign it. And yes, I realize that it is very cold in Upstate New York in February. Hopefully we’ll generate some entrepreneurial heat together.

  • Brad, I’d like to invite you to RochesterGrowth on the evening of Feb 3 if you are still in town. It is a quarterly cocktail hour with 50-60 area CEOs/founders of growth companies, invitation- only, no charge. If you are interested shoot me a note at martin at 24pagebooks dot com

    • I have to head back to NY City that night – sorry I can’t stay longer.

    • Unfortunately I’ve got to catch a flight back to NYC that evening so I
      can’t do this.

  • rohun

    A shame you can’t sign my Kindle copy!

  • Brad – Thanks for post and bringing more visibility to the events. Reception thus far has been great – there are many folks looking forward to meeting you and taking part in our effort to build a venture friendly ecosystem across the Upstate NY region!
    Martin Babinec

  • A very warm welcome, Brad. Many are looking forward to your visit. P.S. Do More Faster is required reading for our Idea2Startup group at Syracuse University.

    • Awesome – psyched it’s required reading. Looking forward to meeting you.

  • Brad – We’re really looking forward to hosting you here in Rochester, NY tomorrow. Should be a great day!

    – Jim Senall, High Tech Rochester

    • Jim – me too. I had a great day in Syracuse and Ithaca today – Rochester next.

  • Hi Brad …. Thanks for coming out to Rochester. Your discussion was great. I’ll get a copy of your book. What was the name again? 🙂 kidding. Javier

    • Hah! Thanks for having me – it was fun.