Sifteo’s Revolutionary Tabletop Games

Several of the companies we’ve invested in are launching products at CES this year.  The first one up is Sifteo.  Today, Sifteo launched and you can preorder Siftables as part of their early access program.

You may be familiar with them from a well known TED Talk that co-founder David Merrill did in 2009.

Or maybe the recent TEDxMonterey Talk that David did earlier this year with a more in-depth demo.

We invested in Sifteo in May 2010 along with our friends from True Ventures.  Sifteo is another HCI investment with its roots in the MIT Media Lab, joining Oblong and EmSense in this part of our portfolio.  If you are at CES, check them out in North – 3317A.

  • I’m amazed at how fast their early access units sold out. Was really looking forward letting my kids play around with these (and writing some fun apps, too!) Any juicy (approximate) details when to expect more units to be available for purchase? 😉

    • I don’t know when the next wave will be ready. Yes – I think it
      surprised all of us how quickly they sold out.

  • It is always exciting to see new computer interfaces. I can see this going very far in education. It seems like you would want a base set of 6 and not three to get the most out of them.

  • Si

    Sifteo will be the next big company, watch this space!. I have a knack of predicting the next big thing(I predicted apple will become big again with steve jobs, american idol will be massive) and this could be massive.