My 2011 Marathon Schedule

I’ve now put together eight great weeks of running in a row. On Sunday, I finally had a long run to town (from Eldorado Springs to Boulder). This has been a long tradition of mine and Amy’s – I run to town early in the morning and she drives in later, we have brunch with friends, and then get massages in the afternoons. I also use this as a marker to measure my running – once I cross the “run to town barrier” I can start thinking about marathons.

2010 sucked for me. I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans and was optimistic about the year but then hurt my back in March lifting a box when in Dallas for my dad’s birthday. It was a perplexing injury – it seemed to get better but then I re-injured myself a month later and spent then next 60 days having trouble standing up. I thought I’d rest and work through it during July when I was in Alaska but that didn’t work out either. After an MRI and some vicodin, I ruled out the really bad stuff and then relaxed enough to get a massive self-adjustment in September which seemed to fix the problem. I’ve been pain free since then.

So I’m optimistic about 2011. Following is my current schedule:

I don’t have any particular time goals, although I’d optimally be in the 4:00 to 4:30 range as 5+ hours for a marathon is a long time and I’m getting tired of being slow. If I can drop another 20 pounds I’m confident I can comfortably run in that zone.

If you are a runner and want to tag along on any of these, feel free to reach out to me. While I like to train alone, I always enjoy having marathon weekends with other folks, even if we are doing them at very different paces.

  • Allen Downey

    Wow, sounds like a great (ambitious) schedule. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    To pretty easily start dropping weight, try Paleo eating for 30 days. I started 2 years ago and dropped 20-25 lbs which has stayed off since (and I reduced my running and swapped for bodyweight exercise and HIT, but that’s another topic).

    Also for back troubles (to avoid another spasm) try about 15 minutes a day of Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Introduction by Scott Sonnon (search on Youtube for free vids). I have no stake or connection to Scott but his videos worked for me far better than Yoga, etc. Along with occasional foam roller sessions and some lacrosse ball therapy this stuff works to keep the body working as I get older.

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  • Oza Klanjsek

    Brad, isn’t this racing schedule asking for a running injury? I run marathons and do triathlons, and would never imagine to schedule 3 marathon races in less then two months and then two in little over one months.

    • I recover very quickly (two days), I’m also focused on getting my
      training to the point where a marathon is just a long run.

      That said, I’m wary of the four week cycle and am trying this out this
      year to see if I think it is sustainable.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats and good luck Brad! I’m getting into running again as well, need to loose some weight and warm up the old knees but it should be an interesting journey to San Diego’s Rock n’ Roll Half marathon in July!

    You should check out RunKeeper app for iPhone…uses GPS and maps to track your runs and network with running peeps who have different routes and what not.

    • I know RunKeeper well – it’s a good app. However, I prefer using my
      Garmin 305 with TrainingPeaks.

  • Mmarkey

    Hmm. Looks like you have room in your schedule for one more… Only a half marathon, but one of the most challenging in the country. Plus, it is a good excuse to come to Kansas City. Try Hospital Hill – I’ll be leading a pace group so feel free to join! Here is the info:

    Hospital Hill Run is the oldest road race in Kansas City and one of the oldest run half marathons in the country. First held in 1974 with a field of 99 runners, Hospital Hill Run grew in size and stature in the ensuing years recently being named one of the top races in the country by Runner’s World magazine. In 2010 Hospital Hill Run hosted its largest field ever, when over 7,400 athletes took to the streets.