Does Me-Too Stuff Bore You?

As 2011 kicks off, I think we are in for a ton of innovative software and Internet stuff this year.  Yeah, some of it will be “just like everything else but different.”  However, of the areas we invest heavily in – human computer interaction – has an incredible amount of activity going on.  I’ll be at CES in Las Vegas this week so I expect to have a dose of nerd-eye-candy (e.g. the latest TV sets) along with a bunch of cool / amazing / clever / intriguing new HCI things.

I expect CES will be a classic case of “a mile wide and an inch deep.”  If you want to go really deep with HCI, consider joining me at the Blur Conference in Orlando on 2/22 and 2/23 especially if any of the following topics appeal to you.

  • markerless motion capture
  • phone controlled robotic gaming devices
  • augmented reality apps
  • alternative input mechanisms
  • neuro-physiological measurements
  • all kinds of Kinect hacks
  • 3D/digital sculptures
  • neuro-ergonomics
  • social robotics
  • multi-touch interfaces
  • speech recognition
  • human instrumentation
  • natural user interfaces

I’ve accepted the reality that the computers are going to take over during my lifetime.  I just want to help be involved in writing some of the code to hedge my bets.  Register now to come join me in my quest.

  • Anonymous

    While not my new company’s area, the Orlando event sounds intriguing. I am now connecting to investors I know, and friends of friends of friends, but also looking to connect with investors outside my several rings of influence. Currently, I’m trying to sort the wheat from the chaff on funding events. Lots out there willing to take your time and money, but their value is harder to determine. When looking to network with early stage investors, are there events in the next few month, especially in New York or Silicon Valley, that you highly suggest that founders attend for the networking opportunities with investors?

    • I don’t have any specific recommendations but agree with your general wariness.

  • Really excited to make it out to Blur – augmented reality and human instrumentation both strike me as things that will really be important in the short term.

  • I used to be obsessed with the HCI concept and even built my own EEG back in the day ( Unfortunately, there weren’t enough points of contact in a cheap EEG to do really interesting neuro work, so I ended up focusing my efforts elsewhere. But the concept of measuring/activating different parts of the brain subconsciously – using games for example – is still fascinating to me… may have to attend this conference.

  • Anonymous

    “I just want to help be involved in writing some of the code to hedge my bets.”

    Trying to get on the robots’ good side for the singularity?