Gist in Gmail for Chrome

Gist just released their Chrome extension for Gist in Gmail.  Chrome is my browser of choice for Gmail and I’ve been anxiously awaiting this release.  It’s just awesome.

It’s tightly integrated with both consumer and enterprise Gmail.  It’s fast, light weight, and takes advantage of the huge amount of data discovery that Gist does via the cloud (rather than in-browser).

It’s been really fun to watch my friends at Gist really come into their own in the past six month.  With the release of Gist in Gmail on both Firefox and Chrome, along with the Gist Gadget for Google Apps, they’ve got Gmail now totally wired.

If you haven’t tried Gist, give it a shot.  And if you are a Chrome and Gmail user, make sure you grab the Chrome extension.

  • Adam N

    The ‘Gist’ link is broken.

    • Fixed – that was a “me” issue (http slash slash, not http slash).

      • Brad, this is bad QA. When creating a link, I have learned the hard way never to type in the link directly. Instead, I type in the link in a different tab, then when I see that it is correct, I copy and paste it into the a href tag.


        • Yeah – I usually do it that way.

        • Yeah – I usually do it that way.

  • I have been a long time fan of Gist and I still am, but I was really disappointed when I tested out the new extension. Gist has such a nice experience allowing you to view all your communications in relation to your contacts, but Gist still chose to only show a picture and the last status update of the contact inside Gmail. I have another tool I use inside Gmail called Etacts (found it through a recommendation by Ashton Kutcher none the less) and it gives me the following:
    A picture of the contact, links to social networks, email addresses, Basic information, Shared contacts, recent conversations and even allows me to add my own notes about a contact within the email.

    I know Gist can do all that, so why the new extension only allows a picture and one status update is beyond me.

    • Actually, it’s got all that and more.

      Just click on the two down arrows in the right top of each object.
      That will bring up the full historical status. Then you can move
      between “articles and feeds”, “contact data”, “stats on the person”,
      and a free form note field (all the same data that is on
      You can also go straight to the person’s core twitter, FB, or LinkedIn
      account by just clicking on the appropriate icon. And – all of the
      links, including phone and emails, are hot linked.

      • sigh of relief. But I still like how Etacts presents the data better.

        • What about it do you like better?

          • Glad you asked. First off, It’s integrated. much like the Gist for Google Apps. But more important is the layout. Gist most certainly shows more information about all contacts addressed in a single email, while Etacts only shows you a layout of the person you received the email from, but most of the time, I only care about seeing more information about the person I got the email from, especially if it’s someone whom I haven’t spoken to in awhile. Going back to the layout, the extension seems to show more white than not, if there’s only a single contact in an email, you basically only see a little box and the rest of the sidebar is empty, which is an eye sore.

            But the thing that bothers me most is that it takes a very long time to load. All in all, the experience is very uncomfortable. at least it is for me.

          • Good comments – thanks.

            Opening up more of the info from the sender automatically is a great
            suggestion along with taking advantage of the white space.

            I’m not sure why your performance is slow – I don’t notice issues on my end.

          • No problem.

          • Ronen, thanks for the feedback. We will be consuming more whitespace soon :). Lots of features planned for this extension. We are just getting started!

  • Gonna check it out.

  • I think I will try it once at least. As you have clearly explained its needs above. Good post. Also, I will request you to share the tools that you use and that you think is useful like the above…
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  • Just tried it out, sorry but I like rapporative over gist in my gmail, Gist puts the omni present bar on the right rail while rapporative only shows in the right rail when I am in a specific email. Also rapporative shows more information (addresses, summary etc) as well as the ability to provide feedback inline or add notes about the person

    • If you hit the two down arrows (expand) in the top right of a person,
      you’ll get (a) more detail and (b) lots of additional info, including
      articles / feeds, contact data, email stats, and a user-enterable
      notes field.

      Inserting something into the right rail of Gmail is apparently
      offlimits which is why Gist does it the way they do.

      • Ok see it now….I will say that the functionality is there….but rapporative has done a better job based on my contacts mining this data…it might be a cold start issue (in a week gist will have caught up on my contacts and the data is just as rich). Thats interesting about rapporative getting in the right rail….something to take up with Google since it looks like their policy vs practice is inconstant.