Win a Copy of Do More Faster in the Next 36 Hours

If you go to Feld Thoughts, TechStars, or David Cohen’s web site, you’ll notice a little red tab on the right side of the browser that says “Marginize”.  If you want a chance to win a copy of Do More Faster, click it!

Marginize is one of the TechStars Boston 2010 companies.  Since their soft launch at the end of the TechStars program a few months ago, their users of the Marginize browser add-on have used it on over 150,000 sites.  They’ve just launched their new publisher widget and are on a number of sites, including and Xconomy.  Marginize enables an additional social interaction layer on existing web sites, including things like checkins, shares, comments and badges.

For example, see who has earned the Do More Faster badge by visiting one of Feld ThoughtsTechStars, or David Cohen’s web site.  Our friends at Marginize will choose three random winners from the full group of Do More Faster badge holders on Wednesday night, so you time to check in is short.  All you need to do to earn the badge is take a Marginize action on one of the three sites (write, reply, like, or check in.)  Since you use your Twitter, Facebook, or Buzz credentials to sign in, the Marginize folks will message the winners directly to coordinate getting them a book.

If you don’t win, you can still buy the book.  I’m quite confident Wiley will print as many as y’all want and – well – the Kindle version of Do More Faster doesn’t actually require printing.

  • Harry DeMott

    okay I want a free copy of the book (yes I’m cheap – what can I say, I work at a distressed debt hedge fund when not dreaming about VC stuff!)One comment, Disqus allows me to send my comment out to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time – seems like Marginize forces you to make a choice. Any way to treat those options as radio buttons – toggle each of them on and off separately – or configure a default state for them so I wouldn’t have to reach twice? Just a thought

    P.S. Just adding on here now that I am playing with the service – can you personalize the service so that marginize doesn’t appear on certain websites? Like I have 2 gmail windows and a google calendar open – I don’t need to comment or share my personal e-mail pages – nor my Google RSS Reader. If you hit the paper clip to try and capture the website – any way for them to automatically shorten it – rather than posting the whole link up there? seems like everything is coming through? Just more thoughts.

    • bfeld

      Good suggestion Harry – I’ll pass it on to Zian at Marginize.

  • Ronen Mendezitsky

    If I only knew I could have won this book just by clicking my little marginize button I would have done so. BTW, still waiting for the book to arrive, but in the meantime, I became VIP on Marginize!

    • bfeld

      Awesome. Ziad will take care of you.

      • Ronen Mendezitsky

        I don’t know what that means, but ok :)
        BTW, I don’t know if you have any relation to Disqus, but I seem not to get any notifications on replies just on your blog. also, Marginize is also slowest loading on your blog. strange. I’ll go report it to disqus anyway.

        • bfeld

          Ziad is the CEO of Marginize. I’ll make sure he knows about (a)
          performance and (b) the book thing.

          Re: Disqus – my guess is you’ve got a notification setting turned off
          within your Disqus settings.

          • Ronen Mendezitsky

            No, I checked that a few times, I just got a notification on another website today. it’s just you with the bad luck.
            The book is on it’s way from Amazon, I’m not to worried about it. but thanks for thinking service service service.

          • Ziad Sultan

            Ronen, Congrats on becoming VIP of! If you have any feedback on using Marginize I’d love to hear it… Cheers –

          • Ronen Mendezitsky

            You’ve got mail :-)

  • Alexandru Circei

    I look forward to reading it.

    • bfeld

      At least my blog is listed!