What The Hell Does Your Company Do?

Terry Kawaja of Luma Partners created today’s hilarious XtraNormal to help us understand what is going on at ad:tech.

  • Great video. This format never gets old for me.

  • messel

    Haha, nice find Brad.

  • fiberman

    Jeez, I must have had that conversation – or one just like it – at a dozen trade shows.
    Reminds me of the term an old friend who was head of PR at Digital Equipment Corp. 30 years ago used: "technicrap"!!!
    BTW, I never realized how funny "f*cking" sounds when poorly synthesized.

  • One word….Hilarious!

  • Too funny..sounds like my week with some Social Media vendors we meet:)

  • Willogic_40

    haha this is pretty good. thanks for that.

  • L. McDuff continues his string of hits.