The Defrag Conference 2010 Is Almost Here

The Defrag Conference is happening in Boulder on Wednesday November 17th and Thursday November 18th and is looking like it will be the best one yet.  If you haven’t yet registered, use the code “foundry2” to take 15% off of your registration.

The confirmed Keynote Speakers include:

  • Alex Wright addressing the “deep history” of Oral Culture and Social Networks
  • Stowe Boyd speaking about “social cognition”
  • Esther Dyson on Exploration and innovation
  • Dion Hinchcliffe on the future of social analytics
  • Jeff Ma on Business Lessons from the Blackjack Table
  • David Weinberger on the Philosophy of Knowing
  • Paul Kedrosky talking about Monkeys, Typewriters and Data
  • Jeff Jonas on Organizations Getting Dumber, and IT’s to Blame
  • JP Rangaswami on Information as seen through the eyes of a Foodie

And that’s just some of the keynotes.  Toss in a bunch of networking, lots of stimulating discussion, and breakouts that cover everything from APIs to shifting to the Cloud to Social Media Analytics to the Social Customer and it’s shaping up to be dynamite.

If you’re from Colorado, I’d urge you not to miss this stage of deep thinkers from around the nation coming to our fair state.

If you’re from outside of Colorado, what could be better than a few days in a resort overlooking some of the nicest mountains you’ll ever see while thinking deep thoughts?

I hope to see you at Defrag.

  • Eric Norlin (founder of Defrag) is the man. The guy just delivers. I have a story about how he keeps his word: here I am, a nobody student from upstate New York on exchange in Washington, D.C. and starting my own blog. My blog doesn't have much traffic yet, but I have a vision and I want it to be to interview people like him and share what I'm learning. But nonetheless, there are Certainly much bigger media outlets at his disposal.

    I ask him if he'll do a pretty extensive written interview. I send him 8 questions. He agrees and promises to respond to me ASAP. He then writes 1-2 page responses Every Single Day for 8 days straight. Doesn't miss a single day. Long, well thought out responses. I learned a ton and posted the interview as a 2-part blog.

    It's guys like this that motivate me as an aspiring entrepreneur. Best wishes to Eric and good luck on Defrag – if I wasn't in China I would DEF be there. I'm sure it will be amazing.

  • Mike

    Eric does more than just deliver. Once you've attended one of his conferences, it is impossible to look at other conferences the same way ever again. And that is one of the reasons we did this: