My Extrovert Is Broken

About once a year I completely use up my extrovert capacity.  I drain it completely to zero.  Whenever this happens, I remember that I’m fundamentally an introvert.  If you don’t know how to relate to someone like me when he goes into deep introvert mode, take a look at the great Atlantic Monthly article from 2003 titled “Caring for Your Introvert.”

The last sixty days have been awesome but extremely intense. My ordinarily full days had the Do More Faster book tour layered on top along with a bunch of other public appearances, interviews, speaking engagements, and events.  About two weeks ago I started feeling a fatigue that I couldn’t get in front of and the last two weeks pushed me over the edge.

I’ve got one more big extrovert push this week at Defrag this Wednesday and Thursday and then I’m done for a while.  Oh – I’ll be available – but if you have a physical sighting of me, you might be interacting with my new avatar.

  • Yes – but you seem to have the ability to sleep for 18 hours a day when shattered.

    That should get you back!

  • C. B. Peirce

    Thanks for the Atlantic article, Brad — I’ll distribute it to those around me. My extrovert broke on Friday, followed by sleeping for 10 hours, remarkably undisturbed by my small children. Good luck.

  • Scott

    Sincerely, thank you for posting this article. I instantly feel understood, accepted and like I don’t have to be ashamed of this classification any more.

  • Iain

    Brad- you need to do some postings on how you unbreak/build your extrovert in the first place so all of us introverts can learn how to be better extroverts when needed!
    Thx for sharing

    • I think I’ve written about this some in the past in the Work-Life balance
      section but I’ll do a few posts on this in the future.

  • Thank you for this and the link to the article! It makes me think that there is a mass of us introverted entrepreneurs in hiding, who just get on with things, and avoid all social/networking occasions. This of course only makes the introverts who do leave the comfort of their home/office seem all the weirder.

    Any tips for introverts who are pitching for investment? I find the elevator pitch particularly tough in a conference/networking environment.

    • Practice practice practice. That’s the only way for an introvert.
      It’s always going to be uncomfortable so you just have to get
      comfortable with yourself.

  • Hi Brad – I’m going to join the list of commenters saying ‘thanks for a great link’, although I have to say it feels a bit like I’ve wandered into an AA meeting 🙂

  • I’ve been reading your posts on the extrovert/introvert theme and find them fascinating and applicable. Question: as you point out you function very well as an extrovert. Was there ever a transition time when you had to push yourself to become more of an extrovert? Or, put another way, did you ever find that your inclination towards being an introvert was a barrier that needed to be overcome? If yes, what was that transition?