Human Instrumentation at the New York Marathon

Fred Wilson emailed me a link to Dennis Crowley’s post I’m running the NYC Marathon tomorrow! Fred knows my obsession with human instrumentation, marathons, and social media.  And if you recognize Dennis’ name, that’s because he’s the founder / CEO of Foursquare.

As I write this from my house in Eldorado Springs, Colorado, I can see that Dennis is at mile 4.64 of the NYC Marathon via RunKeeper.  He just checked in at mile 5 on Foursquare.  And yes, Twitter and Facebook are active also.

While some people may not like this future, I love it.  Yeah, it’s kind of a pain to carry a bulky iPhone around on a marathon, but there are armbands for that and – in a decade – it’ll just be a thing you inject into your arm under the skin.  But for now, guys like Dennis are helping us create the future.

Oh – and he’s running a marathon.  He’s now at mile 5.64.  Way to go Dennis!

  • A future that I aprove of, and have contributed to 🙂

    Was live-tweeting my NYC Marathon run last year, and my friends were encouraging me with their comments on Twitter and Facebook. Wonder why I didn't check in on Foursquare then – perhaps I wasn't using foursquare yet.

  • i knew you'd love that

  • I think it's pretty sweet too. Not sure I would be up for injecting a thing under my skin in a decade, but for now, it's cool to be able to follow along with our friends, family, etc when they are participating in such a monumental event (or vice versa). And… it's one more way to make fitness fun!