Gnip Raises $2m and Becomes Twitter’s First Authorized Data Reseller

I’m super proud of my friends at Gnip.  Last week they announced that they had closed another $2m investment from Foundry Group and First Round Capital and signed a deal with Twitter to become Twitter’s first authorized data reseller.

Via Gnip, you can now get three new premium Twitter feeds in real time for non-display use:

Gnip provides access to over 100 other social media feeds but has spent a lot of time in the past six months optimizing and tuning their system for Twitter-related data.

While Gnip has had its public ups and downs, including a reset of the technical approach and parts of the team about a year ago, co-founder and CEO Jud Valeski has done a magnificent job over the past two quarters of accelerating the business with real customers, adding huge depth to the technology stack, building a team that is continuing to scale nicely, and solidifying a long term relationship with Twitter that has been in the works for a while.

If you haven’t look at Gnip recently or didn’t know they exist, sign up for a free trial and take their social media API for a spin for 72 hours.  Or just contact them directly if you are interested in any of the new premium Twitter feeds.

  • Nice post, Brad. Gnip is one application I hadn’t heard much about, and from looking at their product offerings, it looks like they have a solid strategy for growth. Being “on board” with Twitter is certainly a nice boost, as it gives them credibility and loads of potential customers. Congratulations to them.

  • Tomvaleski

    Congratulations Jud and team! An ever-growing tech streamlining youo’ve got going there. So what will the next Web services be, for integration?