Agloves on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals

The new deal on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals is up and is for Agloves.

As winter approaches, we all need gloves that we can wear and operate our iPhones while walking down the street.  Agloves are infused with silver, which allow them to work with any touchscreen device.  No more freezing my fingers as I check email outside in the winter.


The deal which runs through the end of the day of Friday is for $9, or half off the retail price (which I happily paid several weeks ago.)

I’ve got a couple more great deals queued up but am looking for more – email me if you have something to talk about.  And – if you want your own daily deal site, just tell me and I’ll put you in touch with my friends at Deal Co-op (a TechStars Seattle company.)

  • Hoping to see your thoughts about this craziness
    (those gloves are sweet!)

    • Bizarro-matic in my book.

  • guest

    Do these glove really work?

  • Nadernt

    Hi Brad,
    We sent two emails this week to brad[at] for startup proposal. Did you read them? Should I connect you by another email address? Please let me know.

    • That’s the correct email. What was the startup? I don’t remember seeing them and I’m pretty caught up on my email.

      • Nadernt

        Hi Brad, we sent again an email by gmail address under the subject of “NaderNT startup proposal”. Thanks

        • Can you resent the email.

          • Nadernt

            Thanks for your response. We have sent to you our proposal under 3 different email addresses from Heydar Tangestanian and Nader Naderi with the subject “NaderNT startup proposal”. Please also check your spam folder.

  • Hey Brad, For years…have been wanting to be able to answer, control music and volume, etc. with ski gloves on. While there are several companies out there that have tried to make gloves with big buttons – most are crap and over-priced. Get those TechStars to work on a inline controller with BIG buttons to operate the iphone, plus a mic/headphones that work when you have a helmet/gloves/wind blowing/etc.

  • Thanks Brad.

    These would help me brave the cold while studying abroad in London!

  • Those gloves are rad! Buying a pair asap.

  • Terry Gold

    Shoot, I looked at it early this morning and thought, “I’ll buy a pair this afternoon.” Next time I looked you had sold out 500 pairs. Wow!

  • very cool. I’m getting them.

  • Oh wow, a switch to Disqus? This is major.