Add-on-Con 2010

Suddenly, browsers are interesting again.  Well – in my little corner of the world they’ve been interesting for a while, but suddenly when I look at the dock on my Mac I notice Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Rockmelt.  And yes – I use / play around with each of them regularly.

Recently, Wired declared that the Web is dead.  Nice cover bait, but whatever.  It’s not dead – like everything on the Web, it’s continuing to evolve at a dramatic pace.  My friends organizing Add-On-Con 2010 tossed up a nice call to action recently titled Embracing Change Add-On-Con 2010. The short message – there is more opportunity than ever for browser add-ons, but the add-on community needs to rapidly evolve along with the Web especially given the appification of everything.

If you are a leader at a company that makes browser add-ons, this is your conference.  It’s on 12/8 and 12/9 in Mountain View and should have a good crowd from all the major browser companies along with a bunch of your peers.

  • Thanks Brad, we have a really solid event lined up and if anyone from your community would like to attend have them use this discount code: SuperSecretAddonConDiscount it takes $50 off the registration price.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what percentage of users install browser add-ons? It seems mainly a tech community thing (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    PS – is there a way to disable Highlighter? It annoyingly sits right on top of your blog post in FeedDemon.

    • Just deactivated it.