The Wisdom 2.0 Boulder Conference

While I’m not able to attend because I’ll be out of town, I was intrigued by the invite to the Wisdom 2.0 Boulder conference that I got last week. Alan Kaplan, a local Boulder entrepreneur, introduced me to the organizer (Soren Gordhamer). While I don’t know Soren, I like the idea and agenda for the conference and think a few of the folks he’s invited to speak, including Leah Pearlman (Facebook), Alex Bogusky (co-founder of Crispin Porter + Bogusky), and Gopi Kallayil (Google), look great.


While not a conference goer, if I was in town I’d check this one out, especially since it is in conjunction with Naropa University. Instead, I went and bought Soren’s book Wisdom 2.0: Ancient Teachings for the Creative and Constantly Connected.  If this kind of stuff interests you, go check it out.

  • gregorylent

    biggest need in the world, wisdom.

  • dansweet

    I'd recommend a more pretentious sounding title. Not sure they are quite there yet. Nitpicking aside, looks cool. And at least they are keeping the pricing down to earth.

  • PaulD

    For wisdom of the Western (i.e., Judeo-Christian) variety, I recommend Derek Kidner's brief commentary on the Book of Proverbs.