The First Week of the Do More Faster Tour

With the release of our book “Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup“, my co-author David Cohen and I are taking the show on the road.  Next week is Palo Alto on Tuesday, Los Angeles on Thursday, and Seattle on Friday.


In most cities, we are doing four separate events:

Pitch More Faster:  Several emerging local companies will present their companies to me and several other local VCs. They will provide direct and specific advice to each company on how to improve their pitch and/or their business.  This is an invite only event.

TechStars For An Hour: If you’re interested in learning more about TechStars or possibly applying, this is a great chance to come and learn about the program from me and David Cohen (TechStars CEO). We’ll talk about the results so far, what it’s all about, how it works, and much more. The event is also great for angel investors and venture capitalists who would like to learn more about how the TechStars program works, and how to get involved. These are open but limited attendance events – you need to pre-register on Eventbrite (links below).

Angels In The Architecture: A group of local angel investors, me, and a few angel backed entrepreneurs will discuss the role of angels investors in the VC / angel ecosystem. This is an invite only event.

Evening Entrepreneurial Meetup: We will have a party at night – venues will vary by city. These will be open events – sign up on Plancast (links below).

The tour is being sponsored by Cooley, Silicon Valley Bank, Microsoft, and Rackspace.  We’ll be holding most of the day time events at one of their offices and we deeply appreciate all of their support.  We’ll have plenty of good stuff to give away along with interesting people to meet and spend time with, including many of the people that contributed to Do More Faster.

If you are interested in attending, get sign up info via the Do More Faster Plancast, the Do More Faster Facebook page, or the Do More Faster Twitter account.

In the mean time, the sign up links for next week’s events follow.  Since space is limited, please don’t sign up unless you are planning to attend.

Palo Alto: Tuesday October 12

3:30pm – 4:30pm: TechStars For An Hour

7:00pm – 9:00pm: Do More Faster Book Tour Kick Off: Gordon Biersch Brewery

Los Angeles: Thursday October 14

3:30pm – 4:30pm: TechStars For An Hour

7:30pm – 9:00pm: Do More Faster Evening Meetup (also knows as Two Guys and a Book and Beers): The Den of Hollywood

Seattle: Friday October 15

3:30pm – 4:30pm: TechStars For An Hour

7:00pm – 9:00pm: Do More Faster Evening Meetup (aka The Easy): TechStars Seattle

Of course, if you bring a copy of the book, David and I will happily sign it.

  • Hi I was interested in having a read but there isn't a kindle version on Amazon, do you know if one is planned?

    • The Kindle version should be available any day. I'll blog when it's out.

  • I am logged into the Kindle store tonight, it's saying 'Do More Faster' is still on pre-order, and that this 352-page quick read will cost me $16.47… gheesh! To read what Dave and Brad have to say… why not just read you guys on your blogs, or watch your videos? 🙂

    • I think the Kindle gets released on the official release date of the book (10/19). As I learn more about the publishing industry, I start to uncover and then better understand the mysteries.

      The book is entirely new content. If it's not worth five cups of Starbucks coffee then I've failed.

      • Yeah, Brad it appears Amazon is taking pre-orders for the Kindle version, to be released on the same day. I am surprised that they delayed the publication date until AFTER your book-signing tour. Your fan club should be able to read it first, so we can bust your chops when you show up – or, get autographs. You know?

        re: $16.47, i was just testing your modesty and sense of humor a bit. It IS a bit pricey for a Kindle book from a first author(s). For those of us that inhale many Kindle books weekly, we keep an eye on the price points. Heck, i just read Bob Woodward blockbuster accounting of "Obama's Wars" on my DX (the culmination of Bob's 40+ years at the top of his game as the ultimate Washington insider) for $15 – that one carried a big premium, but hey, Bob's breaking world-changing inside news there.

        I was just a little surprised considering for your target audience – young, first-timer startup entrepreneurs (right?) – that this book wasn't priced $9.95 or less, in e-format.

        I'll read it carefully as soon as it's available, and give it an honest review! After skimming the table of contents, it looks intriguing. But if different authors pitched in various chapters, does the whole thing tie up? i was a bit non-plussed by the intro… i mean, come down off your cloud there, buddy.

        Hey… since when can you go to StarBucks five times for $16.47? 🙂 I am lucky to get out of their twice for that.

        • FYI – the book tour goes well into November – see I'm just as frustrated as you that the Kindle version is on "pre-order" and not shipping until 10/19 since it's ready now, but I'm exhausted my "publisher nudging activity" and am now just waiting patiently. And – as for price – I unfortunately have no control over it – that's part of what you give up when you hand the book over to a publisher.

          I look forward to you getting you hands on it and hope you enjoy it.

          • Brad, as you know, the book's release date is Oct 19, on Amazon & at B&N – for both the physical, and the eBook. I went to the local Barnes & Noble, they confirmed – no "Do more faster" until the 19th.

            But I am now reading it on my Kindle. I'm pretty sure that I'm the first person to read your book on a Kindle!

            how could that be, you might intrinsically wonder?

          • Awesome!

            1. How did you do that?
            2. How does the formatting look?

          • Thought that development intrigue you a bit :))

            Even though B&N personnel told me that the boook isn't out/available till Oct 19 (just like Amazon), it is purchasable as an eBook on their site. So I bought it as an eBook, at

            B&N eBooks are encrypted ePub format files. Thought i would just feed it into Calibre', zap it out as an AWS file, and shoot it via email into my Kindle. But third-party neutering tools are required to remove the encryption key. So i jumped the gun on saying "I'm reading it on my Kindle" – haven't encountered this glitch before.

            I'm about to miss a 2pm dentist appointment if i don't get out of here – but in the meantime, i'll be reading the ePub file on my iPad, using Nook for iPad, at the dentist's office:)

            I'll finish the conversion to AWS later today, and let you know how it comes out. But the formatting will be Calibre's formatting for AWS, not the real Amazon formatting for Kindle. Don't know how tightly those are correlated.

          • Very cool!

          • Hey, your book is great! I'm only about a quarter of the way in. I don't know what that clown was smokin', that posted the first review at B&N… I can see already, that this is a unique & valuable entry, compared to other books targeted at startup founders & entrepreneurs.

            Stripping DRM out of the .pdb file is a bit tedious – you have to install Python, scripts, etc. But i should get to it later tonight.

          • PS, although I confess to stripping DRM out of the .pdb file…

            I would like to make it clear that I would NEVER forward a book to anyone else… via email, dropbox, usb stick, sneakernet, or otherwise. And YOU shouldn't either.

            First time entrepreneurs: if you do that, then you just failed the first test for business success: honesty. Because, business success is all about your ethics. If you steal something from someone else as one of your first moves – you are definitely failing, right out of the gate.

            It's different, to "neuter" a document, so you can read it on a different platform. As long as you have purchased the document/book, and you're just wanting to read it yourself on a different platform, that's not a big deal. Just don't do that, then send it to anyone else. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you steal this book – then i can assure you, you were NOT cut out for a startup!

            I am sorry if i gave anyone bad ideas – i was just looking to read this great book on another platform. I'm pretty sure that 95% of the audience for this book, is looking forward to buying it.

          • Well, i turns out that stripping the copy protection out of a Palm ".pdb" (Palm Database) file is a major pain, when you only run OS X… it's easy on Windows. Since I am able to read the book in the B&N reader on my iPad, I am going to blow off stripping out the copy protection, just to get it on my Kindle. If i am not finished reading and reviewing the book by the 19th, i'll just pickup a legit Kindle MOBI version on

            Turns out, that stripping the DRM out of a .pdb is child's play, on Windows… there are "one-click" .pdb DRM-stripping freeware utilities available.

            But… i don't want to fire up my Windows machine…. the Mac has spoiled me so badly, i have only run Windoze maybe, 5 times in two years (including running it under Parallels & Fusion) And even then, it was a disappointment…. turned out, i didn't need it.

          • OK, Brad & David… i have read about 1/2 of your book now. I am totally a FAN of your book now!!

            I am working on an extensive, detailed review, covering each section. Here is a precursor:

            DO MORE FASTER

            Brad Feld and David Cohen have created a "must read" blockbuster for every aspiring tech entrepreneur.

            But it's a bit of a misnomer, to attribute this seminal entry into entrepreneurship literature, to these two guys. Actually, what they've done is, publish the collective wisdom of their entrepreneurial network – based in Boulder – but now reaching out to Boston, Seattle, NYC, (and who knows where, next) – to aspire every young tech entrepreneur — even if those entrepreneurs don't have "tech experience". All they need, is the right "heart".

            This ground-breaking book is jam-packed with wisdom, solid advice, and great insights.

            I strongly recommend every new, or potential startup make a detailed study of this book.

            I'll have a section-by-section review up, soon.

            You can download the book today (Oct 13) on B&N Nook; and read it on your Nook, iPad (etc); on Oct 19 it will be live on Kindle. There are so many insights in this book, a decent review would take 20+ pages.

            Just read it, and enjoy!

            I will post my "full-length" review, at within a couple of days. And on Amazon, B&, etc.


            -steve bell | 25+ year serial entrepreneur / Solo-preneur | Seattle, WA |

          • Awesome Steve – thanks! I hope to see you at some of the Do More Faster Seattle events on Friday.

  • We’d love to see you guys in Chicago. I’m a co-organizer at the Chicago Lean Startup Circle and we can help promote something here (we have over 500 members).

  • The Kindle version should be available any day. I'll blog when it's out.