TechStars Seattle Demo Day and Open Angel Forum

Andy Sack, who runs TechStars Seattle, has been all over the Seattle entrepreneurial scene in the past few years.  I’ve known and worked with Andy since 1995 (I was on the board of his first company – Abuzz – which was acquired in 1999 by the New York Times) and am awed by the amazing things he’s doing in Seattle these days, including Founder’s Co-op, RevenueLoan, and of course TechStars Seattle.

On November 11th, Andy is hosting TechStars Seattle Demo Day. As is my custom, I’ll be in attendance.  But, as a special bonus, he’s also hosting an Open Angel Forum at 7pm on the night before (November 10th) with Jason Calacanis.  We did this in Boulder this summer the night before the TechStars Boulder Demo Day and it worked out great so I’m hoping this becomes a regular tradition.

Info on the two events and how to register are listed below:

November 10th – Open Angel Forum, 7pm: Join Jason Calacanis, Andy Sack and many other angel investors for the first meeting of the Seattle chapter of the Open Angel Forum!   There will be food and drinks while hearing 5 minute pitches from 6 start up companies.  We’re planning for plenty of fun and time for networking – even a poker game. Register online here: Angels, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers.

November 11th – TechStars Investor Day, 9am: Ten exciting new companies from the TechStars class of 2010 in Seattle will give short eight minute presentations highlighting the business and investment opportunity. The style is fun and entertaining, it’s a different kind of pitch event that includes amazing opportunities for networking as well.  This event is invitation only and registration is required. Please email [email protected] if you’d like to attend or if you have any questions.

  • Calacanis in Seattle as TechStars' honored guest/host??? Excuse while i get my laundry clip out, and put it on my nose!!


    • Steve – as an active angel investor, you should give Open Angel Forum a try. You might actually like it.

      • Brad, i just can't get my heart into OAF…. it's so mean-spirited and destructive. Calacanis mission is to destroy the Keiretsu Forum (well documented)… where i have hundreds of earnest, positive, well-meaning friends… our honesty, integrity, and motivations have all be harshly criticized by Calacanis, who knows NOTHING about the K4. It is an organization jam-packed with decent, well-meaning people out to do nothing more than support startup and charities.

        If Calacanis weren't behind the OAF, and wasn't driving it to destroy something great, i would be totally psyched to get involved. But the core values are WRONG. And he's a well-known, nasty and ridiculous guy.

        When Calacanis grows up and apologizes for his idiocy, then i'll be all for the OAF.

        • I just want to add one thing. Why would you and David Cohen, two of the most positive guys I've ever met, want to pollute yourselves by hanging out with a scumbag like Calacanis? It's so opposite – the other end of the spectrum.

          I think any reasonable person would agree, Calacanis sets a very BAD example for young people, aspiring to be entrepreneurs. I you disagree with me, then i'd like to post about 25 links, showing you where he's coming from.

          I am not looking to start a war here, and i think that Brad & David represent "the best' of where young entrepreneurs should be coming from. What puzzles me so greatly, is why they think they need to step down to the level, of Calacanis – or associate themselves with him.

          I"m just wonderin' about that.

          • I agree with Steve. They should not b hanging with Calacanis..